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Once you know your intervals it's a great idea to start testing yourself regularly! There are a few ways to do.


This is the most fun! Find yourself a jam buddy and have them play an interval for you and you have to guess it - then swap. Do it as long as you can, 5 minutes is good but longer is fine if you're having fun!

Start by playing each interval 3 times and if going well you can try doing what I call a "Quick Fire" round where I play each one just twice.

As the listener, I aim to go for gut instinct the first listen, figure the song and then check it for the 2nd play, and the 3rd play is to confirm or try something else if I wasn't right! :) As you progress you want to just know the interval without having to think about the song reference, but you'll almost certainly need it to start with.

The Jam Buddy approach is great too because you can get a bit competitive and push each other to do well - and hopefully, have some fun jamming when you're done with the ear testing!


I have an awesome Ear Trainer App (for iOS, Android coming soon) which follows the system that I use for this course, so for a couple of pounds you'll get a lot of use from it and we're working on some cool developments to help track your stats and stuff and we're always updating and improving our apps. Here's The JustinGuitar Interval Ear Trainer on the iTunes store.


I decided to make some ear Training Exercise mp3 tracks too - they have a load of different instruments playing the intervals (guitar, piano, violin etc.) and they also have quickfire rounds. The intervals are played 3 times and then I speak the answer, so no need to write anything down and you can answer in your head so perfect for trains, boring meetings or while at work! :) They're available on iTunes and Amazon. Ear Training Exercise Tracks on iTunes


As a teenager I used to make my own recordings using my tape recorder, I guess you could do the same thing using your phone memo recorder, or your computer. Just play a bunch of intervals (and write down your answers) and then listen back a few days or a week later so you've hopefully forgotten the answers! They have a limited shelf life because you'll get to know the answers eventually - but it's a good place to start if the above don't work for you for whatever reason!


Next lesson I'm going to test you so make sure you're ready!! :)

Lesson ID: ET-154