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Ear Training - Stage 1 Ear Training

So lets make a start on your ear training shall we?

Here we begin a look Ear Training. If you are not sure about what it is or why you should be doing it then read ET-001 • Ear Training Basics.

Once you are ready to go - check out the video below and get stuck in!

The test answers are located at the bottom on the page - just keep scrolling down!

Intervals Covered In This Lesson:

Perfect 4th - Auld Lang Syne or The Wedding March

Perfect 5th - Star Wars Theme Tune***

See a list of all the song references for all intervals at ET-002 • Song References For Interval Training

*** YES I screwed up in the video and said Superman, Superman is a descending 5th interval, I got them mixed up in my head, came out wrong in the video. Sorry for the confusion. Movie Theme Songs. FAIL.

Playing the Intervals On The Guitar

Perfect 4th Perfect 5th

Very Easy these ones to play and to remember!

The Perfect 4th is the same fret on the next string down (toward the ground).

The Perfect 5th is on the next string down, two frets up the neck.

You can download a chart with them all on at ET-004 • Intervals On The Guitar

Testing Yourself...

As I mention in the video's there are a few ways to test yourself.

1. Use the Justinguitar Interval Ear Trainer!

2. Write a list of intervals and record yourself playing them. Wait a week or a few days (so you forget the order) and then play the recording to yourself and see how you go!

3. Use a Jam Buddy. Play and interval and ask your mate to name it. Tell him if he is right or not. Then he plays one and you have to name it. Easy and fun! And you can compete a bit which often pushes you to be better!
















the answers are just down a bit further- you're not cheating now are you????













Ear Training Answers - Test 1A

1. 4 6. 5
2. 4 7. 4
3. 5 8. 4
4. 4 9. 5
5. 5 10. 4
Lesson ID: ET-101