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I'm not a 'real' singer, though I've done plenty of gigs as frontman. I can sing 'mostly' in tune but I just didn't evolve with a great sounding voice, and that bit is something we're born with - though the longer I'm working on my own vocal, the longer I think part of the 'trick' is finding the right way to work with what you got... but I deviating here...

This lesson is for people very new to singing to make a start, I'm not pretending to be a vocal coach, but I know that singing will help your musicianship, ear training and guitar playing BIG TIME! If you don't sing, learning to is probably the best thing you can do to help your overall musicianship.

Learning to sing songs for your family or friends is super cool and a great party trick - much cooler than just being able to play and I really can't encourage you enough to have a go and try to work on it!


1. Find Somewhere Private To Explore your Voice

A lot of singing is confidence, so start somewhere where you can explore singing without your partner or kids sniggering at your attempts. I still have 'wounds' from people criticising my singing (and playing for that matter!) that undermine my confidence about doing certain things so I know first hand how hurtful people can be - even if they mean well.

2. Start Trying To Just Sing A Note

Just simply play a note and then try to sing it! Watch out for harmonies, you should make sure you are singing the same note. Try to be as 'in tune' as you can so there is no 'warble' between your note and the note you're playing. At first, you might want to explore the range of the instrument to find where is comfortable for you to sing and where isn't - you soon figure out where it's comfortable - so hang around there!

3. Starting Singing From One Note To Another

Once you're confident singing one note, you should try singing from one note to another - this is what we'll mostly be working on in this Ear Training Course and why you'll find the course helps not only your ears but your singing too!

I'll be sharing more singing exercises as we work through the course - so go on and get started! :)

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