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Ear Tests Ear Training

Some real world test to get your ears working!

There are 10 questions in each test - each one will be played 3 times, built try and work it out after the first play and check with the next two if you can.

Regularity is the key here - make sure you remember your Song References - if you have not memorised them yet then print out the sheet and have it in front of you, but try and learn them off by heart.

Click on the link below and it will open the mp3 file in a new window, or download to disk and do it at your leisure.

Good Luck...

The Ear Tests...

I think using the Justinguitar Ear Trainer is a better practice tool but doing these tests can help let you know where you are at!

Ear Test 1 - Melodic - Diatonic Notes Only - C Maj (Good for Stage 3)

Ear Test 2 - Harmonic - Diatonic Notes Only - C Maj

Ear Test 3 - Melodic - All Chromatic Intervals - C Maj (Good for Stage 5)

Ear Test 4 - Harmonic - All Chromatic Intervals - C Maj

Ear Test 5 - Melodic -All Chromatic Intervals - Moving Root (Good for Stage 5)

Ear Test 6 - Harmonic - All Chromatic Intervals - Moving Root




Answers (don't cheat yourself - there is no point!) are found here.

Lesson ID: ET-010