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Intervals On The Guitar Ear Training

Once you can 'hear' the intervals, it really helps the ear / hand connection if you know how to play the the sounds you hear on the guitar neck, so we'll start with this one!

Using this chart below you should be able to play and therefore hear every interval on the guitar (and or bass guitar).

Each one shown separately (PDF)
As shown on the Stages 1-5 videos as pdf file: Intervals On The Guitar PDF.

All on the same neck
The diatonic intervals are shown in black and should be memorised first - you should be able to work out the others just from them. Notice too that it is laid out around the Major Scale Position 1.

intervals on the guitar


Of course you should ideally be able to play any interval off any note, in any position on the neck, but you'll never get there if you don't master this one first. Start slow and take small confident steps!


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