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The Note Names Of The Thickest Two Guitar Strings's Essential Skills for Guitar Players

Learning the notes on the thickest two strings is essential for learning loads of stuff!

If you want to play Power Chords, Barre Chords, Jazz Chords, or play Scales then you absolutely must learn the notes on the bottom two strings of the guitar. You'll use them to locate 'root notes' which you'll use to position chord grips and scales.

Note Names On The Guitar Neck

The diagram shows the notes on the neck on the thickest two strings and you'll notice that I have circled 6 notes which I call the "6 Key Notes" because from these you can find any note on the guitar with a few easy steps!

Assuming you have learned your "Note Circle" then you only need to go two steps from any of the "6 Key Notes" (or the open strings) to find any note on the thickest two strings.

When we combine this knowledge with Octaves (the next lesson in this series) you can find notes all over the whole neck.

So burn those 6 notes into your memory right now!





Lesson ID: ES-051