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Essential Skills's Essential Skills for Guitar Players

Things that everyone should know and a knowledge base for things you might like to know one day!

This area is to explain all the basic stuff about playing guitar. Some of it is pretty easy stuff aimed at beginners but there is some more advanced ideas and concepts too that maybe ain't essential for you just now, but will be later!

Tuning Your Guitar

You will never sound good if your instrument is not in tune, so this is a really essential skill. Learning how to get to alternate tunings is not essential - until you need to do it ;) so it's for when you come across it.

ES-010 • Tune Your Guitar Using Reference Pitches
ES-011 • Tune Your Guitar Using the "5th Fret Technique"
ES-012 • Tune Your Guitar Using Harmonics
ES-013 • Tune Your Guitar To Eb Tuning (down a semitone)

ES-021 • Tune Your Guitar To Drop D Tuning
ES-022 • Tune Your Guitar To Double Drop D Tuning
ES-023 • Tune Your Guitar To DADGAD Tuning

ES-031 • Tune Your Guitar To Open G Tuning
ES-032 • Tune Your Guitar To Open D Tuning
ES-033 • Tune Your Guitar To Open E Tuning

Essential Knowledge

For a complete look at all the essential music theory you might like to check out my ebook Practical Music Theory, but here you will find the absolutely essential bits that will

ES-040 • The Note Circle (Sharps & Flats)

ES-050 • The Note Names Of The Guitar Strings
ES-051 • The Note Names On The Thickest Two Guitar Strings
ES-052 • Learn The Notes All Over The Guitar Neck using Octaves

Using Your Accessories

ES-070 • How To Use A Metronome

Reading and Writing, Notation etc.

ES-080 • How To Read Guitar TAB

Guitar Maintenance

ES-110 • How To Change Strings On An Electric Guitar
ES-111 • How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Guitar




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