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Sweet Child 'O Mine - Guns 'N' Roses [MAIN SOLO] Lessons on Classic Guitar Solos

Both parts of this awesome solo will be released on December 16 - Part 2 you will only find here on the web site (it's unlisted on YouTube) because I've just noticed how few people make it over to the web to see what it's all about and how much better and easier it is to use than finding my lesson on YouTube!

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Watch The Video Guitar Lesson - Part 1

Watch The Video Guitar Lesson - Part 2

Watch The Original Video Clip

The Series

It's such a mega song I decided to examine all the bits in a short series just on this song!

1 - The Main Riff
2 - Chords and arrangement of the whole song
3 - First Solo
4 - The Chorus Riff
5 - Second Solo
6 - The Main Solo - Part 1 (this lesson)
7 - The Main Solo - Part 2 (this lesson)

Getting the Sound

1979 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top - neck pickup!

Kemper Profiler running Top Jimi's AFD 100 profile: AMP: TJ-AFD100AFD High 1

You want to go for a Marshall type amp for this and don't overdo the gain! Settings wise, set everything to 12 o'clock and then you probably want to take out a little mid but otherwise you just need to ride (explore) the gain to get the right amount - it'll be different on every amp so I can't say how much for your exact amp!

Just a little reverb from the Stymon Big Sky.

Lesson ID: CS-012