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Help The Poor - Robben Ford Lessons on Classic Guitar Solos

Have a heart won't you baby, listening to my plea.

This is another of my favourite solos with lots of complex stuff mixed in with standard blues vocabulary, brilliantly executed! Robben is a true blues master and learning his stuff is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Hope you like it.

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Video Lesson

Chord Sequence and harmonic devices

Is basically a 16 Bar minor blues. Robben is an expert in the minor blues form and uses it often. Also worth checking out is BB Kings version of the same tune... well actually best to check out as many versions as you can.

Dm Dm Dm Dm
Dm Dm A7 A7
Dm Dm Gmin Bb13
Dm A7 Dm Dm

Dminor is mostly taking the D minor Pentatonic but some dorian too, using the 9th and 6ths.

A7 is taking A mixolydian or A Altered scale to create tension. Both the fast complex runs in this song are using the Altered Scale and it sounds awesome!

Gmin is taking chord tones (arpeggio) or staying with D min Pent.

Bb13 is taking the chord tones (Bb7 arpeggio) or Lydian Dominant if you want to get all fancy (a mode of the melodic minor scale, in this case F melodic Minor = Bb Lydian Dominant)


Gear used

Settings shown as clock face (like 9' is 9 o'clock) or numbers if the unit has them on!

1. 90's Fender Stratocaster
2. Zendrive pedal: Volume 9', Tone 9', Gain 1' and Tone 1'.
3. Suhr Badger 30 Amp: Power 2, Drive 4, Bass 6, Middle 4, Treble 6, Gain 6.
< in effects loop> 
4. Strymon Timeline delay pedal, preset 00A with mix lowered to 9'.
5. Strymon Blue Sky Reverb pedal, "normal", "room", Decay 12', Mix 9', Low Damp 2', Pre Delay 10', High Damp 12'
<back to amp>
6. Dr. Z Best 2 x 12 Speak box.
7. Sure 57 microphone
8. Neve 1073 Pre Amp, EQ flat.
9. Pro Tools HD 24/96k.

Backing track was just simple thing programmed using BFD drums and a bass plugin in 'Tools.

Lesson ID: CS-002