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Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes

The Beginner's Songbook

This has become an all time classic riff that pretty much everyone will probably check out at some point.

The original is played in Open A Tuning (I think) and uses a lot of slide. In this lesson we're doing one based on Power Chords in regular tuning.

If you love the song then have a crack at learning to solo by ear, it's relatively easy to figure out by ear.

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Watch The Original Video Clip

Getting the Sound

This is my Suhr Classic Antique. I'm using Pickup Position 5 (bridge) which has a high gain humbucker pickup. Volume and Tone both on 10.

Using The Kemper Profiler, a Brittmaster profile by M Britt for the rock sounds and Luxe for the clean sounds.

A little reverb in the Kemper (turned down slightly from the preset).

On the clean sound I am using an OCTAVE affect which lowers the sound an octave so it sounds more like a bass. If you do this the settings will be Pitch (-12) and Mix (100%). I'm using the one built into the Kemper (for convenience) the one I use more often is the ElectroHarmonic POG.


Lesson ID: BS-824