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Smokestack Lightnin - Hubert Sumlin

The Beginner's Songbook

This riff is an all out classic blues riff. One of the grooviest and most covered ever. It's super cool. Played by the amazing Hubert Sumlin who played guitar in Howlin Wolf's Band (Wolf was a singer, NOT a guitar player - so many books get it wrong it drives me crazy).

The big trick is getting your thumb consistently playing the bass and then being able to play the melody over it while keeping in the groove. Great fun once you get it - play around with the melody and see what you can come up with.

You'll probably find it a lot easier to play if you write it out in your own tab - just use the blank tab and then write it nice and big as I count it out for you, should be easy enough...

UPDATE: So lots of guys and gals saying that they really struggled writing out the tab. But please believe me, the experience of doing so will make you better, improve you understanding of rhythm and help you develop the ability to write out your own tabs more confidently. So if you find it hard - keep going cos it will benefit you the most!!

Also check out Hubert playing and kinda teaching it here in this vid :)


Lesson ID: BS-521