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I'd Rather Go Blind - Etta James

The Beginner's Songbook

Something told me it was over...

Only 2 chords in this song!! Awesome :)

Really nice to play along with the original recording if you have a capo!

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Additional Notes

Capo Possibilities...

The pitch of the actual chords in this song are A and B minor. To make it fit this Stage 2 of the Beginner's Course I used a Capo at the 7th fret and used the chords D and E minor which are in fact the same chords.

Other options you might like to try are Capo 2nd fret and use G and A minor or Capo 9th fret and use C and D minor!

Basically because there are just two chords in the song it's very easy to Transpose (change key), Start with any Major chord and then the other chord will be a minor chord up a tone (2 frets). Try it out yourself and see if you can play it in other keys!

Justinguitar Beginners Songbook

The JustinGuitar Beginner's Songbooks (Proper paper books!)

I have two volumes of beginners songs! Each have 100 awesome songs, arranged to sync perfectly with my Beginners Course. Ten songs in each stage, gradually getting more challenging as you go through. Each song has tips and strumming suggestions and I honestly think this is the best Beginner's Songbook ever :) Both are spiral bound so stays open easy! Rave reviews from all over the world and the best companion to my course you could have! Appreciate your support.

Click here to see the full song lists and order: Volume 1Volume 2

Justinguitar Beginners Songbook

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