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Blues Licks From Pattern 5

The Blues Guitar Lessons

This is the final lesson of pattern specific licks, from here on we're going to be exploring more on how to link them together and that kind of thing... but as you hopfully know well by now - learning licks (words) is super important if you want to speak the blues language!

Video Lesson

Lick TABs

Lick 1

This lick is quite scalular but very cool and quite common. To get the right sound youwant to pick it pretty hard - really adds to the character of it!

Lick 2

This triplet based lick is another one you will hear very often, and you can do the repeated but as long as you like of course. And do try experimenting with it too!

Lick 3

This lick starts with some double stops (very common lick in th e60's and 70's and then we run down the blues scale to finish it off.

Lick 4

This one features a big tone and a half bend which you may find a little tricky, but it's a super cool lick once you got it under yor fingers.

Lick 5

This lick uses a 'pedal point' where we keep returning to the root which is a real fun concept to explore!


Homework and Practice

Your aim this week is to memorize and work in all 5 of these licks. try and get into the schedule below.

Stage 1 - Learn The Lick - 5 Minutes
Get the lick under you fingers. Make sure the notes are clean, bends are in tune, no open strings ringing out and you can play it rhythmically correctly.

Stage 2 - Use The Lick - 5 Minutes
Jam the lick over a backing track. Start with it 'as written' and then gradually develop it and start exploring other ways you might play it, change the notes.

Stage 3 - Mix The Lick In - 5 Minutes
Another jam session over a backing track but this time you need to work the new lick in with licks you already know. Figure out cool ways of getting in and out of the lick and find licks that it works well with.

Remember to listen out for these licks whenever you're listening to the blues records you dig.

Additional Resources

Recommended Album
Remember that listening to great Blues is an essential part of the course, so try and check out all my recommended albums, they're the best of the best!

Albert Collins - Ice Pickin

Albert Collins - Ice Pickin

All time blues Legend Albert Collins cuts a mean blues solo and sometimes overlooked, but you're crazy to miss out on this cat, he really is one the best Texas blues guitar players and has loads of awesome licks to steal!

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