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Blues Lead Guitar 2: Five Licks From Pattern 4 MPS

The Blues Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar, this is where to start

In this lesson we're going to be learning licks from Pattern 4 of the Minor Pentatonic. I really dig this pattern (I know I say that every pattern but hey, I dig them all!) and there are some licks this lesson that I play all the time, my 'pet licks' which I probably shouldn't give away ;)

Video Lesson

Lick TABs

So here we have our 5 words from Minor Pentatonic Pattern 3.

Blues Lick 1

P4 - Lick 1
Love this lick and it's a really useful one. you can try doing the bend a semitone too but then you can only use it over the root chord (A7 in this key). Watch out for the roll with Finger 3 too.


Blues Lick 2

P4 - Lick 2
This is one of those blues licks that can really rock out if you're that way inclined! Also remember to experiment with holding the bend to let the notes ring out together which is super fun!


Blues  Lick 3

P4 - Lick 3
Another super useful licks that you will hear a lot, and remember you can steal that middle bit of 16th notes and repeat it (and experiment with that one little bit) as a seed to grow some cool ideas!

Blues Lick 4

P4 - Lick 4
These kind of licks that can get a bit fast are the most important to work on slowly and make sur eyou're playing it well before speeding it up or you'll play badly fast which is kinda pointless!

Blues Lick 5

P4 - Lick 5
This is an old school kinda lick that you'll hear in the 60's a lot. Excuse the odd looking 1/4 tone bend in bar 2, the software I make tabs has issues with two curls in a row.

Homework and Practice

Your aim this week is to memorize and work in all 5 of these licks. try and get into the schedule below.

Stage 1 - Learn The Lick - 5 Minutes
Get the lick under you fingers. Make sure the notes are clean, bends are in tune, no open strings ringing out and you can play it rhythmically correctly.

Stage 2 - Use The Lick - 5 Minutes
Jam the lick over a backing track. Start with it 'as written' and then gradually develop it and start exploring other ways you might play it, change the notes.

Stage 3 - Mix The Lick In - 5 Minutes
Another jam session over a backing track but this time you need to work the new lick in with licks you already know. Figure out cool ways of getting in and out of the lick and find licks that it works well with.

Remember to listen out for these licks whenever you're listening to the blues records you dig.

Additional Resources

Recommended Album
Remember that listening to great Blues is an essential part of the course, so try and check out all my recommended albums, they're the best of the best!

Lightnin Hopkins - Best Of

Lightnin Hopkins - Best Of

Love Lightnin Hopkins, he mostly does the awesome solo guitar things mixing up the lead and rhythm and you gotta watch the mini documentary about him (The Blues According To Lightnin Hopkins), it's awesome! And this collection is a good one to get into his music.

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