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Blues Lead Guitar 2: Five Licks From Pattern 3 MPS

The Blues Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar, this is where to start

In this lesson we're going to be learning 5 awesome licks that live in Pattern 3 of the Minor Pentatonic - these are the words and by exploring these you'll develop vocabulary in this pattern and have something to say!

Video Lesson

Lick TABs

So here we have our 5 words from Minor Pentatonic Pattern 3.

Blues Lick 1

P3 - Lick 1
You can see the tone bend and the curl on the same note in this lick and it's a real classic! Well worth exploring this one and you'll hear it in many solos by the great master.


Blues Lick 2

P3 - Lick 2
I like the use of the blue note in this lick and also finishing with Finger 2 on the root, it's unusual but feels real nice with a bit of practice. There are quite a few chunks to break apart and explore in this one!


Blues  Lick 3

P3 - Lick 3
We bring in the lower blue note in this one and the way you can get that with Finger 4 and also the pattern of the last 4 notes is a very common blues move with messing about with.

Blues Lick 4

P3 - Lick 4
Make sure you check out the 3 'chunks' in this lick and work on each one separately as well as the complete lick. Remember not to rush it if you wanna play it quick, get it perfect and build up the speed slowly!

Blues Lick 5

P3 - Lick 5
Big Tone and a half bend here to start off (but a tone works well here too most of the time) and the rest of the lick is a nice move as well resolving to the root as written but

Homework and Practice

Your aim this week is to memorize and work in all 5 of these licks. try and get into the schedule below.

Stage 1 - Learn The Lick - 5 Minutes
Get the lick under you fingers. Make sure the notes are clean, bends are in tune, no open strings ringing out and you can play it rhythmically correctly.

Stage 2 - Use The Lick - 5 Minutes
Jam the lick over a backing track. Start with it 'as written' and then gradually develop it and start exploring other ways you might play it, change the notes.

Stage 3 - Mix The Lick In - 5 Minutes
Another jam session over a backing track but this time you need to work the new lick in with licks you already know. Figure out cool ways of getting in and out of the lick and find licks that it works well with.

Remember to listen out for these licks whenever you're listening to the blues records you dig.

Additional Resources

Recommended Album
Remember that listening to great Blues is an essential part of the course, so try and check out all my recommended albums, they're the best of the best!

Ry Cooder - Crossroads Soundtrack

Ry Cooder - Crossroads Soundtrack

I love this film and the soundtrack is superb slide guitar from the master Ry Cooder. Really superb guitar playing, possibly my favourite soundtrack of all time and a wonderful album by any standard. Do check out the film too, it's far fetched and a bit silly but got some fantastic guitar playing in it!

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