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All Over Blues Lead Guitar Introduction Jam

The Blues Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar, this is where to start

This Introduction video I explain the rough plan for the course, what we'll be exploring together, what to look out for as we go along and how to make the most of it.

In this little intro I filmed a little jam where I tried to explore Patterns 3 then Pattern 4, a little in Pattern 5 and finish back in Pattern 1 up the dusty end. Many of the licks I'm using are ones we'll use in the course but I was just jamming around using those ideas. I figured I should show you some rather than just all the talk!

If you've not finished the Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module then you really should finish that off before moving on with this series (although it won't really hurt!).

Video Lesson

Homework and Practice

Your homework this week is revision. Make sure you are confident with your Minor Pentatonic Patterns 1 and 2 and you know at least 5 licks in each and how to use them! Make sure that you're confident with string bending and you know where to root notes are in the patterns and licks you know - all stuff covered in the Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module!

Additional Resources

Recommended Album
Remember that listening to great Blues is an essential part of the course, so try and check out all my recommended albums, they're the best of the best!

Devils Music

Super Session - Mike Bloomfield with Al Kooper & Stephen Stills

Mike Bloomfield is one of those guys that the greats all name check but a lot of people don't know his music - and they should! He's super awesome and this record is special.

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