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All Over Blues Lead Guitar

The Blues Guitar Lessons

Continue your Blues Lead Guitar journey and learn to play all over the neck!

Welcome to All Over Blues Lead Guitar, the second Blues Lead module where we expand our Minor Pentatonics to cover the whole fingerboard! It's important that you have already completed the Essential Blues Lead Guitar Module because that covered important concepts and techniques that we'll be building on in this series!

We'll be learning Patterns 3, 4 and 5 of the Minor Pentatonic, licks and sweet spots from each pattern and how to use them as well as more important technique mechanics, concepts and tricks to help you become a confident blues lead guitar player!

BL-601 • Introduction To 5 Pattern Play
In this course intro lesson I start with a 2 minute jam where I use a bunch of the concepts that we'll be exploring in the course and then there's a talk about building a framework and a general course outline. We also look at the advantages of learning all 5 Minor Pentatonic patterns and ways to think about them.

BL-602 • Pattern 3 Of The Minor Pentatonic Scale
So now we start making our way up the neck by looking at Pattern 3 of the Minor Pentatonic scale and also look at where the Blue Notes are and where you can reach them. Make sure you remember where the root notes are and work on joining this information into the patterns you already know.

BL-603 • 5 Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 3
Last lesson we looked at Pattern 3 of the Min Pent and now it's time (as usual) to learn some awesome words that live in this pattern so we can start making music with it! Learning words in each pattern is essential if you want to communicate an idea. Don't be an alphabet player!

BL-604 • Adding Vibrato to String Bends In Blues
This is one technique question I get asked all the time so in this lesson I try to give you a run down of how to approach adding vibrato to your bends, the 'mechanics' and the variables to experiment with to help you find your own voice!

BL-605 • Pattern 4 of The Minor Pentatonic Scale
You probably hip with the program by now right? This week we're learning Pattern 4 of the Minor Pentatonic, which notes to curl, which notes to bend and different fingering approaches for this new pattern! It's a real handy one this and contains loads of great licks!

BL-606 • 5 Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 4
Any guesses what we'll be up to in this lesson? If you said we'd be learning awesome licks from Pattern 4 of the Minor Pentatonic so we can say stuff that makes sense with our new scale pattern then you're probably getting with the program ;)

BL-607 • Unison Bend Technique
I love Unison bends. A friend of my said one "why play one note when you can play two" ha ha. These are a great way to get a real gnarly and aggressive sound which I love using for a climax in a solo.

BL-608 • Pattern 5 of the Minor Pentatonic Scale
The last of our 5 patterns now, an interesting pattern that is an easy visual shape to remember but can take a while to get the music out of it, the layout of notes can make bending successfully a little awkward - but will be helped by the next lesson where we'll learn some licks from it!

BL-609 • 5 Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 5
This lesson we're learning five new words that live in Pattern 5 of the Minor Pentatonic/ Blues Scales. As usual you should learn the licks and then work them into your playing so that they become part of your vocabulary.

BL-610 • One String Solos For Blues Pentatonic Domination
If you can play a killer solo on one string you can easily burn all over the fretboard... there's no 'secret' but if you practice your one string solos, work on making them musical and melodic you'll be rocking all over the neck in no time!

BL-611 • Licks & Concepts Linking Blues Pentatonic Patterns
In this lesson I'll show you 5 licks that link pentatonic patterns but more importantly, we'll look at the concepts behind each one so you can explore then further on your own and hopefully learn more about finding and exploring concepts in every lick you learn!


Returning for the last couple in this series very soon! :)


Where's this going next?
The third module in this series is on the way and will be about using other 'flavours' in your blues: the Major Pentatonic, 6 and 9 scale degrees, the Dorian and Mixolydian modes and other fancy stuff with big names! :) I expect that will start rolling out early 2017.

But what I think is most important is that you spend a lot of time exploring the patterns and learning to use the licks you got so far to MAKE MUSIC - if you can't do that then learning more stuff isn't going to help! The best thing you can do BY FAR is to start transcribing - learning solos by the great masters by ear.




Lesson ID: BL-600