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Five Blues Licks Using The Minor Pentatonic Scale - Pattern 2

The Blues Guitar Lessons

If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar, this is where to start

Well now that you know The Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2, you should probably start using it! And to get you going we are now looking at some licks (words) in this very fine position to get you going! Many people find this Pattern easier to improvise with, there less stretching on the thinner stings and it just plain feels good!

Same rules as before - work on each lick, one at a time, get it right, then start using it and blending it with any other licks that you already know. Work them in slowly and explore each lick thoroughly.

The TAB is below the vid lesson, I recommend watching the vid first and then checking out the TAB so that you know how they should go - and also check out the fingering, of course...

Video Lesson

Lick TABs

Lick 1

P2 - Lick 1

This is a classic Albert King style lick used by many blues masters.

Watch out for the bend followed by the release to the 8 with the curl (no seagulls!).

Lick 2

P2 - Lick 2

This is a great lick to get into P2 from P1. The slide is a great entry point.

Make sure you get a good vibrato on the last note!

Lick 3

P2 - Lick 3

Cool lick this, and and great practice for 'rolling' Finger 3 (the two notes on the 10th fret!).

Try bending the 1st note a semitone rather than a tone - you'll be hitting the 'blue' note.

Lick 4

P2 - Lick 4

This really cool 'repeating' lick is one you can use to develop some speed.

Repeated patterns are cool fun and can really pick things up if you build then using volume!

Lick 5

P2 - Lick 5

The first 2 beats (6 notes) can be repeated around as many times as you like before adding the cool bend/release/bend trick at the end!

Work on getting good vibrato on that last bent note too!


First thing to do is to work on each lick, one at a time, get the notes right, get the rhythm right, get the bends in tune, make it sound great - and then repeat it over and over again until it feels natural.

Once you have the new lick comfortable under your fingers, start playing it over a backing track and mix it in with the licks that you know already. Try to find variations you like. Try to get inside the lick and see how it feels - what is it expressing to you?

Once you have the first lick worked in, start on the second one! Work through all the licks you like - spend some time on it - don't rush it!

Up Next
Next up we're going to explore the 'Blues Curl' a bit more, a very expressive little 'accent'.



Additional Resources

Recommended Album
Remember that listening to great Blues is an essential part of the course, so try and check out all my recommended albums, they're the best of the best!

Devils Music

T-Bone Walker - The Original Source (1930-1951)

I love T-Bone's playing, as well as being a brilliant player, he was one on of the first 'showman' who played behind his head, did the splits and rocked the house! This 90 track box set spans his whole incredible career!

Buy at at Amazon.comHear it on Spotify

Backing Track
Here's a sample backing track from my Jam Blues II collection, a Blues in A in the style of BB King. You can download and jam over it and if you enjoy it, please consider buying the rest of the album, they're all great fun for jamming!

Now you want to be using your new licks over the backing track (or jamming with a mate is even better!) and trying to mix in your Pattern 2 licks as well as your old friends from Pattern 1. Make some music yo!


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Essential Blues Lead Guitar Course DVD set
If you want to learn to play Blues Lead Guitar then you'll love my easy step by step approach, this the first module in my revised (2016) course and contains 13 lessons (plus two DVD bonus lessons) and Jam Blues 1 backing track CD and some reference pdf files. It is a replacement for the old "Blues Lead 1" course: improved structure and high quality video and audio.

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