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Dominant 7th Chord Grips

The Blues Guitar Lessons

101 ways to play a 7th chord, well not quite...

Some of these chords should be familiar, some might be new... developing a good vocabulary of chords you can use in a blues can really add interest to your rhythm playing. You don't have to change chords a lot, in fact in my demo at the end of the vid I'm changing far too often, just so you can get the picture of ways you might like to use them.

As usual, don't try and learn them all at once, just pick one or two that you like the sound of and work them into your playing and only when you feel comfortable with them, add in some more!

The backing track is in the key of F, not a common key for guitar players, but it should be :) there is nothing to be scared of and it's good to be able to play confidently in the more unusual keys!

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Backing Track

Here is the Blues in F Backing track for you to practice with! You'll probably want to use the chart below to make sure you are getting the correct variations - we're using a "Quick Change" and a "I-VI-II-V Turnaround" ending (more on these in a later lesson!).

Blues Rhythm Track 5 by justinguitar

You can download the 13 track set of mp3's for this series for £5 (approx $8) (Blues Rhythm Guitar Mp3) - they are also included on the Blues Rhythm Guitar DVD for £15 (approx $25) of this series which comes with 3 bonus lessons (44 minutes worth!) and a pdf booklet.


12 Bar Blues in D


So many many chords... so little time :)







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