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Consolidation Test and Practice Schedule

The Beginner's Course

Time to consolidate all you have learned!

Well done! You made it to the end, well, almost...

Now it's time to consolidate all you have learnt, so you are ready to go on with the next course, and get into the intermediate stage. So, use the chart to make sure that you feel confident with all the stuff we've covered in this course.

It is MUCH better to get really good at these things and be able to use them well to play some songs, than playing more advanced stuff badly. Really it is. Ask anyone that has to listen to you!

When you discover things that you don't know, make a list out of them and work out a practice schedule that gives each problem area a five- minute practice slot and then work on it until they are fixed. Then choose some more things to work on, until, eventually, you are on top of this whole list.

Good luck, take care and I really hope you have enjoyed the course. I look forward to helping you learn lots more cool stuff in the years to come.


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You should instantly know ALL of the following chords and know any fingering variations for each that you can use, depending on the situation:

The Basic Eight Shapes: A, D, E, G, C, Am, Em, Dm.
The Dominant Shapes: A7, D7, E7, G7, C7, B7.
The Sus Shapes: Asus2, Asus4, Dsus2, Dsus4, Esus4.
F Chord and variations: F, Fmaj7.
Basic Slash Chords: D/F#, G/B, C/G.

You should be able to change between any two chords at a speed of 60 changes per minute (one change per second).

You should also be able to locate and play any power chord on either the fifth or sixth string and be able to play them without the open strings ringing out.

You should be familiar with some chord variations (for A and G and others) and know when you might use them.


You should be able to play RUST strumming patterns 1, 2, 4, 8, 9 and 16 confidently and fluently at a range of different tempi while tapping your foot.

You should also be able to play basic fingerstyle and be able to make to make up your own patterns.


You should know the minor pentatonic scale and be able to play it with one note per click with the metronome set at 120 beats per minute, using all down-picks, all up-picks and also alternate picking.


You should be starting to experiment with using the minor pentatonic to improvise. Don't expect too much at this stage; just be able to play about and make up something easy over a blues.


You should understand and be able to use the following concepts:

• The note names of the open strings.
• Tones, semitones and the note circle.
• Sharps and flats.
• The names of all the notes in the first five frets of the guitar
• The principle elements of rhythm
• All the note names on the thickest two strings.
• How to use a capo.


You should be able to play at least ten songs all the way through without stopping. This might seem a lot, but it should be possible now with all the hard work you have done. The strumming should be solid too and you should be able to play in time with a metronome!

Would be great if the songs could incorporate most of the concepts covered in the course, so some suggestions that would make a great first repertoire...

1. Three Little Birds (great song, very easy, uses A, D and E)
2. Knockin' On Heavens Door (very easy again, uses G, C, D and Am)
3. Killing Me Softly (lots of nice easy chords)
4. Everybody Hurts (easy fingerstyle)
5. Pink Bullets (use of bass note strumming)
6. Fly Away (easy use of Power Chords)
7. Fast Car (medium fingerstyle and strumming)
8. Basket Case (medium use of Power Chords)
9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Use of slash chords)
10. Before You Accuse Me (12 Bar Blues Style in A)



I wish you many years of guitar playing fun and hope you enjoy the rest of the material on the site :)

Where to next??? The Intermediate Method :)

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