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The Beginner's Course

Gotta keep your ear training going - don't let it slide - stick with it!!

The key to learning music well is to use your ears. Don't forget that music is about sound and listening so this part of your guitar study will help you a lot more than you will realise initially.

REMEMBER to stop the vid right after the chord you are trying to identify because...

The Last Thing You Hear, Stays In Your Ear!

Take it slow and don't expect results too quickly, it will take some time develop your listening skills.

Chord Quality Recognition (CQR)

At this stage we are still working out if chords are major or minor, but we're also going to compare them with a dominant 7 chord. I will be playing either D, Dm or D7 and you have to work out the type of chord played. This will take a little practice, but you're not scared of that, are you?

Sound Palette: Major or Minor or 7 (static root note)


Single Sound Recognition (SSR)

Now you should be working on hearing the chords fairly quickly too. Don't allow yourself to worry about it too much, just get in there and listen closely! Remember, we have also added in some of the 7th chords. Pause the track after the chord and try and get it right away. Make sure that you are listening out for whether the chord is major or minor or 7th, so you are not just guessing.

If you have trouble telling two similar chords apart (like G and G7 or A and Am) try playing the one note that is different between the two chords for a while and then see if you can hear that note in the other chord. Playing the one note along with the recording should help your ear tell which is right!

Chord Palette: E, A, D, Em, Am, Dm, G, C, G7, C7, B7, F Maj7


Chord Progression Recognition (CPR)

As before, we're still working out our chord progressions, still with just one chord per bar, four strums on each. Please remember to pause after the chord so you can work it out. I still do that when I struggle with the changes, especially when they get fast. The more you work on this, the faster and easier it gets. It just takes practice. It gets fun too, even if right now it feels like hard work. Stick with it!

Chord Palette: E, A, D, Em, Am, Dm, G, C, G7, C7, B7, Fmaj7

1. |__________|__________|__________|__________| 
2. |__________|__________|__________|__________| 
3. |__________|__________|__________|__________|



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