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1 minute Changes

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Faster, faster - you gotta move 'em, move 'em.

Get your timer out and get your fingers moving faster

So here we are for more One-Minute Changes, and these ones are going to be a little trickier thanks to our new friends G and C, which are often going to require all the fingers to come off and be replaced. Many people find the change from C to G to be the hardest change at this stage—I sure found that one hard when I was first learning—but it just takes practice.


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1 Minute Changes

So you should always remember to:

"Practice what you can't do, don't practice what you can"

So if you find one of these changes easy, then substitute it for a change that you find hard. The following changes all have something about them that I think is good to practice, so this is a suggested list to start you off, but then just get in work on the ones that you find hardest!

1. C to Am - Just move your 3rd finger without letting the others lift up!

2. C to A - Keep your 2nd finger down as an anchor.

3. C to G - All change! Hardest change so far, but very common change so you have to work it.

4. G to E - All change! Another common change.

5. G to D - All change! Another common change.

Just so you know, it's fine to experiment with finger placement order for One-Minute Changes. In fact, this can be a good thing to do. In a couple of stages time we're going to be putting down all the fingers at once, so getting used to a different finger order and the control that requires can be a good mental exercise.

The most common changes in finger order placement are to start the C Chord with the third finger (helps with the stretch between 3 and 2), and some people also like to put the third finger down first for a G (which I don't get really, but if it works for them...).

To help get your numbers up it can help to do a few warm up changes before you get going, just to get the finger movements in the ‘now' part of your brain and to get the muscle memory working.

Remember too that you won't be alone if you are finding these new chords hard, in particular changes using the G and the C. This is normal; it's just going to take a little practice like everything else. So don't get down about it. Enjoy the journey!

It is worth noting that I still do this exercise when I have trouble with new chords that have odd shapes or stretches, and it really helps. I warm up with a few really slow changes, make sure that I've got my fingers in a good position and then go for it for a minute. After a few changes I've usually cracked the new chords.

Next up we are going to check out an exercise to get your fingers strong and flexible - BC-135 • Basic Finger Workout

One Minute Changes

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