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2016 Beginner's Stage 2 Guide

The Beginner's Course

A helping hand to guide you through my beginner's course - keep you on track, motivated and loving it!

Welcome to the JustinGuitar Beginner Course Guide!

So this year I'm going to be around more to help you through each stage, we'll be spending 3 weeks on each Stage of the course, starting on Jan 1st 2016 and I'll be checking into the forum to help you every few days.

This is a new adventure so I might have to change some things as I go, but the plan is:

New Beginner Song every Friday
3 weeks on each stage - I just dropped 505 by The Arctic Monkeys which is an awesome one to get to grips with your Minor Chords!

New Live Stream every Saturday
The first hour will be dedicated for Beginner question on the stage for that week. The following hour is Open Councelling (any topic on anything!). Basically, if it's popular then it'll stay, if not, it'll go by the way. Time may change sometimes due to my schedule, but the 'normal time' will be as follow, and we'll see how it goes!

GMT 6-8pm (London)
PST 10-12am (Los Angeles)
EST 1-3pm (New York)
AEDT 5-7am (Sydney) sorry!

Click here for the stream page!

Stage 1 - Jan 1 to Jan 21

So assuming you've had a little look at Stage 1 already... probably your finger tips are hurting and finding chords a struggle - it's normal! :) at this stage it's important to do a little practice but often - so aim for a few 5 minute sessions a day rather than one long one!

The Community Forum has a LOT of very long posts to for this stage at least I've created a new topic which I'll try and check in with every few days.

2016 Stage 2 Beginner Questions forum topic

So between the forum and the live streams I'm hoping this is going to be awesome help to keep you all on track, motivated and enjoying guitar to the max. :)










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