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The Justinguitar One Minute Changes App

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Track your chord changes, for beginner guitar players!

One Minute Changes

I noticed lots of people making spreadsheets and charts to track their progress for their One Minute Changes and so I figured an app would be very useful... so here it is.

This app is FREE :)

You can add your own chords in too if you need too, but this app is mainly suited to people doing my Beginner's Course.

I think you'll find it pretty self explanitory.

If you like it, please consider checking out my other apps - sales of those allow me to make free apps... and there are another couple I'd like to make!

Qustions about the app? Please ask in the forum.

Hope you find it useful :)

Available at the App Store

Demo Video

coming soon.

FAQ and Support

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When is the android version coming out?
Well, it could be a while. Many android users asked me to make an android version of my Time Trainer app, so I did, and so far it's only made back a quarter of what it cost to make :( Android apps just don't sell well enough at this point to make it worth it and I can't afford to lose thousands of pounds on developing apps for less than a thousand people to buy. When the Time Trainer Android has earned it's money back I'll send this one off for android development. Very sorry, hope you understand!


Thank you!!

Big thank you all at Apreel for their hard work making this app so awesome!


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