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Want justinguitar on your mobile device? Here are my selection of apps, more on the way!

Right now I have a few apps in development and some of them are really exciting :) Purely for financial reasons I'm not only working on apps for the iOS platform, though I am trying to work out how to get them developed for Android too, there's just no money in it and I can't afford to lose money on them!

Time Trainer Metronome App

The JustinGuitar Time Trainer Metronome

A lot more than just a metronome! This well featured metronome also has 3 amazing tools to help you develop your own "inner metronome": Bar Breaks, Random Beat Drop and The Speed Upper.

The metronome features Tap Tempo, Accent control, a few different sounds and visual blink - but the thing that sets this app apart is the tools that it will really help you develop your internal time feel and ability to stick at a consistent tempo.

Check out all the great reviews on the app store!

Available for iOS and Android.


Time Trainer Metronome App

The JustinGuitar Note Trainer

Knowing the notes on the guitar fretboard is an essential skill for developing guitar players. In this app I have included the four best exercises for learning the notes on as quickly and effectively as possible: Name The Note, Find The Note and two Memory Quizzes.

Doing these exercises regularly will help you learn the fretboard quickly and effectively and you'll find you have a "mind map" of the fretboard in no time! 

Available for iOS.


Time Trainer Metronome App

The Justinguitar Ear Trainer App

Learning to recognise musical intervals (distances between two notes) by ear is imho and essential skill for progressing musicians in every style and every instrument. Developing this skill will improve your whole musicality, help you to transcribe songs by ear and you understanding of the fingerboard.

In this app I give you two sound choices piano or guitar and two input options for your answers, a piano keyboard and a guitar fretboard. I think guitarists should be using both sounds and both interfaces, while most other instrumental players will stick to the piano input I suspect.

Available for iOS.


Time Trainer Metronome App

The Justinguitar One Minute Changes App

New FREE app for people to track their chord changes while doing the Beginner's Course, or other chords that you are working on.

Simple and easy to use, pretty basic but it's free and does what it says on the tin ;)

Available for iOS.




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