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We aim to keep everyone happy, so if you have a problem with a product from us, then please get in touch and we'll do all we can to help!

OK.... If you need to contact Justin please see the Contact Justin page. For anything else, please see below!

Product Support

The first place to get help with purchasing products or order issues is to contact The Jedi, an all round Kiwi legend, awesome snooker. Jedi is a cameraman and editing guru and is my business partner in Chocolate Cake Productions (our production company that makes and sells the DVDs). He's a fine guitar player too so will be able to help you choose the right product for you if you need advice!

You can email him at customerservice at justinguitar dot com. Jedi can help you with any issues to do with:

• DVD Product Sales & Delivery • Advice on product purchases • Returns and Refunds •

Jedi is around to help Monday to Friday. But please allow 24 hours for a response in case he's busy!

Customer Services Phone:
UK Time 10:00 to 17:00
+44 (0) 208 349 7286

Address for returns:
Chocolate Cake Productions
24-26 Arcadia Avenue
Finchley Central
London, N3 2JU


Jedi Wardley

Jed 'The Jedi' Wardley

Here are some of the common questions Jedi gets asked in regards to physical product orders. So look through these as your query may be answered here.

Are the Songbooks,Beginners Coursebook and Intermediate Method Book available as e-books or PDFs?

NO. This is because publishers won't grant permission for us to put the songs into this format. I think they're crazy but it's just how it is!

With DVDs What is the difference between PAL and NTSC Formats?

There is now a brief description of DVD formats in each of the DVDs Product Description so now you can check before your purchase. This will ensure that you can select the correct format for your country.

My order hasn't arrived yet. Where is it?.

We try and provide as much information as possible for this but it is down to UK and local postal services in the country of delivery. Most orders are sent from the UK using Standard First Class (UK) Or International Priority (EU and Rest of the World). We do provide lead times but they are not exact. Most of the time they are pretty good but some deliveries may run over a few days. If you order still hasn't arrived after 3-5 days after the latest time frame. Please do contact me.

The most important thing to ensure is that your address details are correct and up to date. In the UK for example Postcodes are often missing letters or numbers and these will not be delivered. Street Numbers, Apartment Numbers and Flat Number are very important to.

Can I change my Shipping address?

Yes you can now with the new store.

Is there a Tracking number with my order?

For orders dispatched using Standard First Class (UK) Or International Priority (EU and Rest of the World) I am afraid not. The good news is that we now have an option for you to select a Tracked Service for your order and this is faster and you can trace your orders progress.

The Forum

YOU can also get advice from other users of the web site using the forum - maybe you are not sure about the best way to use a product or want help checking your answers with other guitar players (yes Jedi does play guitar too!!). But the forum is a good place to get support as well!

There are forum topics for every product we have, so you can pop by there too and see if there are any tips and tricks that might interest you!

Forum Problems?

If you are having problems logging in or something else is freaking you out on the forum, please contact the moderators. BIG THANKS to them for helping me out with this :) They deserve your thanks for keeping the forum in shape and helping me out big time. I really appreciate it guys :)

email Lieven - lievendv[at]
email Tourniquet - just PM him on the forum!


If you want to help out with translations or have a question about them, see this translate page first, and then contact the email address below: