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Making the web site available to even more people!

Let me start by thanking you for being interested in helping translate the site. It will really make a big difference to the (majority) of the world that does not speak English, and make it easier for those that understand just a little!

This will really help me teach the world to play ;)



Video Subtitling / Translating

At the moment we are working on translating the videos into as many languages as possible.
These will become subtitles on the videos!

We use an online translation software called Amara to enable us to organise and execute the translations. 
It's very easy to use and we'll guide you through what needs to be done.

In the near future we will be translating the website as well.


What We Need:

1) English speakers to transcribe what is heard in the videos into English 
2) Speakers of all other languages to help translate the videos.
3) English Proof Readers to review video subtitles and make corrections
4) Proof readers in all other languages to review video subtitles and make corrections

It is important that you follow the guidelines exactly. 
Try and be as accurate as possible and keep the fun flavour of the spoken word, not a serious book :)
Proof readers should have a keen eye to check the spelling and that the translation or transcription is right :)


How To Help:

STEP 1) 
To join please go to this link: 
and click on the large blue button on the left of the screen, half way down the screen saying "Join Team"

Please Create an Account. You will receive an email from Amara asking you to confirm your email. Please do this!

and click on the large blue button on the left of the screen, half way down the screen saying "Apply to Join"

Follow the instructions on screen and MAKE SURE to include your email address!

Please now wait for me to add you to the Justingutiar team. 
Meanwhile you can take a look at the Video subtitling guidelines here: 
'Notes For Transcribers, Translators & Reviewers'

Once translations have been reviewed and approved they'll be uploaded to YouTube, so your subtitles can be be used by your fellow country people!!

Notes For Translators / Transcribers & Reviewers

Once you have joined Amara and are a part of the team, please take a look at the notes on how to use Amara, how to best notate what is said in the videos and how to troubleshoot common issues on the following link: 'Notes For Transcribers, Translators & Reviewers'. Please keep an eye on these notes, so we can keep the subtitles as readable and uniform as possible. 

You might like to check out the justinguitar community where you can discuss translations in your own language in the  translators forum  on the Justinguitar website here:



Indigo is helping with the video translations. If you have any issues, comments or feedback pop her an email me to translate [at] It may take some time to get back to you, but we'll get there!!
Thank you, J.