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Here you'll find a list of the lesson updates on the site in reverse chronological order!


30-11-17 • Ear Training Course 2.2 The Major 3rd Interval
25-11-17 • Winter Wonderland by Dean Martin
24-11-17 • Comes A Time by Neil Young
23-11-17 • Grade 2 Ear Training - The Major 2nd Interval
18-11-17 • Something Like Olivia by John Mayer
10-11-17 • The incredible Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer
09-11-17 • Grade 1 Ear Training test! Can you get over 75%?
03-11-17 • Another all time classic with TP, The Traveling Wilbury's song Handle With Care

27-10-17 • Still on the Tom Petty tribute series with his incredible Mary Jane's Last Dance
26-10-17 • Ear Training Course 1.4: Ear Training Tests
26-10-17 • Ear Training Course 1.3: The Perfect 8ve Interval
20-11-17 • Another Tom Petty Tribute with Won't Back Down
19-10-17 • Ear Training Course 1.2: The Perfect 4th Interval
12-10-17 • Tribute to the late great Tom Petty with Free Fallin
06-10-17 • New Ear Training module lesson text coming very soon!

15-09-17 • Ear Training Course 1.1: The Perfect 5th Interval
15-09-17 • Play What You Hear: The Most Effective & Easy Ear Training Exercise Ever
15-09-17 • Learning To Sing For Guitarists! First Steps For Beginners Ear Training Course
15-09-17 • The 7 Amazing benefits of Ear Training
01-09-17 • Another stones classic - it's Sympathy For The Devil (Ya Ya's live version!)

25-08-17 • All time classic rock n roll riff from The Rolling Stones... The Last Time! (1080)
20-08-17 • Wonderful Tom Waits ballad, I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You
11-08-17 • Country classic with fun fingerstyle, Jolene by Dolly Parton
04-08-17 • Some more Chris Cornell for ya, Audioslave's Cochise, the legend Tom Morello on geetar!

30-07-17 • First lesson a tribute to the great Chris Cornell with Soundgarden's Fell On Black Days RIP :(
29-07-17 • I'm back, and in my new studio!
05-07-17 • A pop mega hit arranged for beginners, Royals by Lourde!

05-06-17 • Fields Of Gold by Sting - An easy beginner's version
02-06-17 • Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran
25-05-17 • Had to be done, the biggest Paddy song in years - Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran
18-05-17 • Wonderful acoustic song from John Frusciante, The Past Recedes :) (1070)
13-03-17 • Easy play along version of Sailing by Rod Stewart (using my app!)
11-05-17 • Double Drop D Tuning version of Cortez The Killer and chord exploring lesson!
09-05-17 • Easy beginner version of Neil Young's classic, Cortez The Killer!
05-05-17 • Ed Sheeran's future hit and beautiful ballad, Perfect! More Sheeran every Friday this month!

26-04-17 • Mega pop smash, Ed Sheerans Shape of You
20-04-17 • The all time Blues classic Pride And Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan. Killer!

28-03-17 • What and awesome rock classic this is, Wild Flower by The Cult
24-03-17 • Classic rock for you today, Fire by Jimi Hendrix
21-03-17 • Just 2 Chords - super easy beginner song - Silence Is Easy by Starsailor (1060)
17-03-17 • Authentic DADGAD Tuning version of Photograph by Ed Sheeran
14-03-17 • Beginner easy version of Photograph by Ed Sheeran
09-03-17 • All time rock classic: The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
08-03-17 • Review of the Line 6 Relay G10 Guitar Wireless System!
07-03-17 • Beginner Song Couse App demo of You Sound Good To Me by Lucy Hale
03-03-17 • Wonderful ballad for all levels, All Of me by John Legend
01-03-17 • Review of the Gruv Gear Fret Wrap! That black thing on Justin's guitar neck!

27-02-17 • Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones is a great but easy country tinged classic!
26-02-17 • Review of the Blake Apex Case Guitar Gig Bag Case
24-02-17 • Another Bruce Stringsteen hit, I'm On Fire (1050)
17-02-17 • More Neil Young, my all time favourite - Unknown Legend
10-02-17 • Miss you Lemmy! Bomber by Motorhead
03-02-17 • Oops, I'm on my annual NY kick, more soon too: Natural Beauty by Neil Young

27-01-17 • Learn Frusciatne's acoustic brilliance in Road Trippin - Red Hot Chili Peppers
20-01-17 • All time classic Motorhead hit, Killed By Death!
15-01-17 • Another George Michael hit, Faith
11-01-17 • It's an all time sing along classic! Hey Jude - The Beatles
06-01-17 • Reading his Autobiography at the moment so another Springsteen hit, Dancing In The Dark
02-01-17 • Tribute to George Michael, Careless Whisper


30-12-16 • Fitting end to the year: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana! (1040)
27-12-16 • Super easy 2 chord hit: Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen
23-12-16 • Cover and lessons on Peter's Greens Albatross by Fleetwood Mac (3 parts)!
16-12-16 • Part 6 of Sweet Child 'O Mine [Main solo] by Guns 'n' Roses
12-12-16 • Release of the new Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course App for iOS and Android
10-12-16 • Part 5 of Sweet Child 'O Mine [Second solo] by Guns 'n' Roses
09-12-16 • Another Aussie classic - Better - The Screamin Jets
02-12-16 • Part 4 of Sweet Child 'O Mine [chorus riff] by Guns 'n' Roses

26-11-16 • Part 3 of Sweet Child O Mine - the first solo! by Guns 'n' Roses
25-11-16 • Another Aussie classic for you - Cry In Shame by Johnny Diesel and the Injectors (1030)
24-11-16 • Interview with Gypsy Jazz legend Martin Taylor
19-11-16 • Part 2 of Sweet Child O Mine, the chords and harmony!
18-11-16 • Awesome beginner with an odd bar twist All You Need Is Love by The Beatles
12-11-16 • New 7 part series: Sweet Child O' Mine Intro by Guns 'n' Roses
11-11-16 • Another great Aussie hit - Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning
05-11-16 • Launch of the JustinGuitar 2016 XmasGood Deed Giveaway!
04-11-16 • Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran

29-10-16 • You ready? to be Thunderstruck by AC/DC :)
28-10-16 • One of my fave Aussie bands, The Hoodoo Gurus tune Like Wow Wipeout!
25-10-16 • Blues Lead continues with Licks & Concepts for Linking Patterns
21-10-16 • All time classic rock, Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival! (1020)
20-10-16 • Review of the Blake Apex case, a hard soft gig bag case
18-10-16 • Play Awesome One String Blues Solos - this is a big idea, dig blues? then dig this!
14-10-16 • Aussie bad boys Rose Tattoo's classic, Scarred For Life
11-10-16 • All Over Blues Lead Guitar continues with Pattern 5 Licks
08-10-16 • You asked for it when I did the song... The Wet Sand Solo by John Frusciante (Chili Peppers)
07-10-16 • Big hit from 1964 we got beginner blues, Walking The Dog by The Rolling Stones
04-10-16 • Release of the new Backing Tracks album Jam Blues 3! iTunes and Amazon
02-10-16 • Back on All Over Blues Lead Guitar series with Pattern 5 of the Minor Pentatonic

30-09-16 • Aussie Classic, To Her Door by Paul Kelly, awesome fun beginner acoustic tune
23-09-16 • Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival, great advancing beginner favourite
16-09-16 • Zebra by the Aussie legend John Butler is this weeks Aussie Classic (1010)
09-09-16 • The Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams is an evergreen favourite!
06-09-16 • Blues All Over continues with 5 awesome licks in Pattern 4
02-09-16 • All time popular Aussie hit, Throw Your Arms Around Me by Hunters And Collectors

30-08-16 • More blues exploration in Minor Pentatonic Pattern 4
26-08-16 • Beginner rock classic to tickle metal fans We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
23-08-16 • All Over Blues continues with some technique Adding Vibrato to your bends
19-08-16 • Another Aussie classic for you, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again by The Angels
18-08-16 • Review of the Hoolahan Slide and short demo
16-08-16 • All Over Blues continues with licks from Pattern 3
13-08-16 • Inappropriate for my 1000th lesson ;) You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones
12-08-16 • Proper classic hit this week is Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield
09-08-16 • All Over Blues Lead Guitar series continues with Pattern 3 of the Minor Pentatonic
06-08-16 • This weekend... Rock N Roll by Led Zeppelin :)
05-08-16 • First song from the new Aussie Classics Songbook is Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel Oi Oi Oi
02-08-16 • New series All Over Blues Lead Guitar starts today with a Demo Jam & 5 Patterns Playing Intro

29-07-16 • 80's rock classic for you today Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
23-07-16 • Got a killa tune for you today, Get The Funk Out by Extreme :)
22-07-16 • ALl time classic I should have done years ago - Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
16-07-16 • Rock season really going heavy now with Enter Sandman by Metallica
15-07-16 • Rock season starts with a beginner classic, All The Small Things by Blink-182 (990!)
09-07-16 • Last of the funk season (for now!) with the classic, I Feel Good by James Brown
08-07-16 • Another super easy 3 chord wonder - Tide Is High by Blondie
05-07-16 • The last of The Funk Course: 10 Funking Awesome Dominant Chords
02-07-16 • Awesome funk classic for you today - Good Times by Chic
01-07-16 • Super easy beginner 3 chord song - 5 Years Time by Noah And The Whale

28-06-16 • Nearly at the end of this Funk journey, today it's Single Note Lines
24-06-16 • Classic funky disco tune for you - Miss You by The Rolling Stones
23-06-16 • Very sad today that UK voted to leave the EU. This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie! :(
21-06-16 • More for you Funksters today, very cool funk technique, Side Sliding
18-06-16 • You'll know the riff, if not the name: Long Train Running by Doobie Brothers! (980!)
17-06-16 • Grange classic for beginners, Come As You Are by Nirvana
14-06-16 • Funk Course concepts and grooves on Space, Sustain and Staccato
11-06-16 • Weekend Warriors get your funk on with Sex Machine by James Brown
10-06-16 • Mega 80's hit for beginners, Old Time Rock And Roll by Bob Seger!
07-06-16 • The Funk Course continues with Funky Minor 7 & Variations
04-06-16 • Play That Funky Music White Boy!! Awesome Funk hit from Wild Cherry
03-06-16 • Reworking the Amy Winehouse cover of Valerie for beginners
02-06-16 • Justin's Top 10 Funk Albums of all time...

31-05-16 • More Funk Course - this week Grooves using hits n scratches!
29-05-16 • All time Funk classic for you this Sunday - Cissy Strut by The Meters (970)
27-05-16 • Proper classic ballad this week, Always On My Mind by Elvis Presley
24-05-16 • More funky rhythm guitar - put Hits In yer Scratches!
20-05-16 • Classic Open G tuning song, Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols
17-03-16 • The Funk Guitar Course continues with THE Funk chord, E9
13-05-16 • Begginer + Sus chords = All I want Is You by U2 :)
10-05-16 • The Funk Guitar Course Lesson 2: Funk Strumming Techniques And Mechanics
09-05-16 • Watch out for Justin's new "Food For Thought" column in Guitar Techniques Magazine
06-05-16 • Classic acoustic song from a while back now, Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
04-05-16 • New Funk Course launches with The 16th Note Count for Funk
02-05-16 • Today I became a father to a beautiful baby girl, Vivienne (photo on Facebook!). Still got lessons coming out (2 a week this month at least!) but might be slightly slower after that while I try and re-structure my life around this wonderful new addition :) but I sure won't be stopping, in fact there is loads of cool stuff in the works!

29-04-16 • Folky acoustic + EMD = Mega Hit, Wake Me Up by Avicii
26-04-16 • The last of the Essential Blues Lead Guitar series, Jam The Blues In All Keys (960)
24-04-16 • Part 2 of the awesome Wet Sand by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
22-04-16 • Great Power Chords workout with Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz
18-04-16 • Penultimate Essential Blues Lead Guitar: Licks linking Patterns 1 & 2 of Minor Pentatonic
17-04-16 • Loads of requests for this Frusciante classic - Wet Sand by Red Hot Chili Peppers (part 1)
15-04-16 • Awesome and mega popular beginner song, That's Entertainment by The Jam
12-04-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: 5 awesome licks using The Blue Note
10-04-16 • Last of the Dire Straits LW series, this is the Lady Writer Main Solo!
08-04-16 • Classic beginner blues jam song, Mustang Sally by Wilson Picket / The Commitments
05-04-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: The Blue Note & The Blues Scale, awesome fun!
03-04-16 • The Dire Straits classic, Lady Writer, continues with more fills and bridge! (950)
01-04-16 • Fridays beginner classic today is Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley

29-03-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: Improve your 'blues accent' by learning to Curl.
27-03-16 • Part 2 of series on Lady Writer by Dire Straits! Verse rhythm groove and chorus
25-03-16 • Another beginner rock n roll classic, Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley
22-03-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: Five more awesome licks from Pattern 2
20-03-16 • New 4 part series on Lady Writer by Dire Straits! Intro solo up first
18-03-16 • One of my all time favourite lazy grooves, If It Makes You Happy by Sherly Crow
15-03-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: Minor Pentatonic Pattern 2
13-03-16 • Californication [SOLO] - Red Hot Chili Peppers [John Frusciante]
11-03-16 • Pulp Fiction fan? Try this, Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon by Neil Diamond (940)
08-03-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: How To Use Your Licks Effectively
06-03-16 • Sunday Special - Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
04-03-16 • A proper classic for beginners and intermediate players, One by U2
01-03-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: Vibrato

26-02-16 • All time classic beginner hit, Stand By Me by Ben E King
23-02-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: 5 Licks using Pattern 1 of the Minor Pentatonic
19-02-16 • One of my personal favorites - Downtown Train by the living legend Tom Waits
16-02-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: String Bending In Blues - Mechanics and Technique
12-02-16 • Like Britpop, this one's a classic! Songbird by Oasis!
09-02-16 • Essential Blues Lead Guitar: The Minor Pentatonic For Blues (930)
06-02-16 • Live Streams (recorded) Beginner and Open Q&A Sessions
05-02-16 • Classic U2 song, Desire, just 3 chords. Beginner and authentic versions.
02-02-16 • New Essential Blues Lead Guitar Series :) opens with The Blues Language

30-01-16 • Live Streams (recorded) Beginner and Open Q&A Sessions
29-01-16 • Awesome 2 Chord beginner + adv versions - Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5
26-01-16 • Happy Australia Day! Celebrate with the Crowded House classic, World Where You Live! (922)
23-01-16 • Live Streams (Recorded) Beginner and Open Q&A Sessions
22-01-16 • Awesome Stage 2 Beginner song 505 by The Arctic Monkeys!
16-01-16 • Live Streams (Recorded) Beginner Hour + Open Q&A Session
15-01-16 • Awesome 2 chord Beginner pop hit, Blowin Smoke by Kasey Musgraves
11-01-16 • And by popular demand I've also just done Ziggy Stardust
11-01-16 • R.I.P. David Bowie :( Here's his song Heroes, as a tribute to one of mine.
09-01-16 • Live Streams (Recorded) Beginner Hour + Open Q&A Session
08-01-16 • A vintage classic hit, Charlie & Me by Lee Hazelwood
07-01-16 • Forgot to add to the site! Moonlight Shaodow Solos Transcribing lesson! (910)
01-01-16 • One of the best Beginner songs, just 2 chords - Dance The Night Away by The Mavericks


29-12-15 • R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister :( Tribute lesson, Ace Of Spades
25-12-15 • Guitar Quick Start - Learn guitar in 5 minutes...not ha ha
26-12-15 • Justin's Top 10 Easy Songs for Beginner Guitar Players
18-12-15 • Great beginner and intermediate song, Closing Time by Semisonic
12-12-15 • Mix blues licks into your rhythm in this special for the Guitar Pro blog!
11-12-15 • Awesome classic song by Mike Oldfield, it's Moonlight Shadow
07-12-15 • Happy Birthday Tom Waits! Check out his awesome song Chocolate Jesus
04-12-15 • Poptastic beginner song, Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men

29-11-15 • A more Intermediate fingerstyle arrangement of We Wish You A Merry Christmas! (900)
27-11-15 • Classic three chord beginner song, For What It's Worth by The Buffalo Springfield!
25-11-15 • For the jazzers, look at chord options when playing Rhythm Changes
22-11-15 • Another easy beginner fingerstyle song, We Wish You A Merry Christmas!
20-11-15 • Possibly the best beginner fingerstyle song ever, Everybody Hurts by R.E.M
19-11-15 • Interview with Jazz legend Martin Taylor about ear training and melodic development
17-11-15 • The acoustic fingerstyle technique lesson on Rolling Chords
16-11-15 • JustinGuitar Podcast #5: Interview with Jazz Guitarist & Teacher Matt Warnock
15-11-15 • Start on your Christmas songs with easy solo arrangement of Silent Night (re-vamped, with TAB!)
13-11-15 • Bit of classic Queen for you today, Crazy Little Thing Called Love!
13-11-15 • New lesson on Minor Pentatonic • How and Why (the theory of things!) (890)
13-11-15 • Big re-vamp and re-organization of the Scales and Blues areas ;)
12-11-15 • It's Neil Young's 70th birthday today! New lesson on his awesome 3 chord hit - Helpless
06-11-15 • Great rocking song, The Vaccines, If You Wanna, and win Freddie's Guitar
05-11-15 • Podcast 004: Pierre Bensusan, the DADGAD Master (same as the video below)
05-11-15 • Video Interview: Pierre Bensusan, the DADGAD Master

30-10-15 • More awesomeness from new Beginner Songbook: Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
27-10-15 • Just because it's a megahit already - Hello by Adele, works great on guitar too
25-10-15 • ReMix competition launched for my band, great fun project for you
23-10-15 • Stay With Me by Sam Smith is this weeks Beginner Song
19-10-15 • David Bowie's awesome Space Oddity
16-10-15 • Beginner Songbook Series resumes with a Foo Fighters classic, The Best Of You!

21-09-15 • Last of the Blues Licks series is a Robben Ford Classic
14-09-15 • Lick them Monday blues with this great BB King Lick (880)
07-09-15 • Eric Clapton licks are essential vocabulary for you

31-08-15 • Wonderful T-Bone Walker Lick for you this week
27-08-15 • Ever wondered, When to change your guitar strings?
24-08-15 • Lick them Monday blues with Freddie Kings awesomeness
20-08-15 • How to use your thumb to play bass notes of chords!
17-08-15 • Lickin them Monday Blues with a classic Albert King Lick
14-08-15 • Justin's fake nails exposed! ha ha
11-08-15 • Awesome Stevie Ray Vaughan Lick for you this week!
04-08-15 • A Session, How To Use A Looper Pedal to practice, tips and suggestions!
03-08-15 • Lick ya Monday blues with this tasty Robben Ford lick (870)

27-07-15 • Another lick for ya from the great BB King
20-07-15 • This is a great opening lick from Eric Clapton.
13-07-15 • Gotta dig the master T-Bone, great chord specific lick this!
06-07-15 • Licking ya Monday Blues with a Freddie King classic!
04-07-15 • New book Blues Lead Guitar Solos now shipping.
03-07-15 • New JustinGuitar Store officially launched!

29-06-15 • Another classic Albert King style lick for you.
22-06-15 • Love Stevie Ray Vaughan, he made easy licks sound awesome.
15-06-15 • Classic lick for this Monday, A killer Robben Ford style pentatonic lick.
12-06-15 • The incredible Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones. What a riff!
09-06-15 • Mega pop hit for this week, Sugar by Maroon 5
08-06-15 • Super cool BB King lick for you this week! (860)
05-06-15 • the awesome Riders On The Storm by The Doors
04-06-15 • Guitar Q&A: Creative Capo. How to play the same chords using different grips
02-06-15 • Great groove in George Ezra's Budapest

29-05-15 • B.B. King Tribute: The Thrill Is Gone Intro Solo
29-05-15 • B.B. King Tribute: The Thrill Is Gone Rhyhm Guitar
28-05-15 • Guitar Q&A: How To Use A Capo To Change The Key To Best Suit Your Voice
26-05-15 • Poptastic hit Take Me To Church by Hozier
22-05-15 • You ready for some Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones?
21-05-15 • Guitar Q&A: Where And How To Put Your Thumb On The Guitar Neck
20-05-15 • FIVE new vids on The Major Scale Patterns! big update! (850)
19-05-15 • Awesome new-ish songwriter James Bay's Hold Back The River
18-05-15 • Lick them Monday Blues with a great Freddie King Lick!
17-05-15 • UPDATE to BC-195 Pentatonic Patterns to include TABS, PDF and GP practice files!
15-05-15 • The acoustic blues from the Unplugged album, Hey Hey by Eric Clapton
12-05-15 • Megahit o'clock with I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith
11-05-15 • A very very cool Albert King lick for you this week!
09-05-15 • Beautiful acoustic song Let Her Go by Passenger
06-05-15 • I'm back! with the awesome Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder (840)
04-05-15 • Super easy but super cool Stevie Ray Vaughan lick for you!

27-04-15 • Awesome Robben Ford Mixolydian Lick for you this week
20-04-15 • BB King came to town for this BB style lick this week
13-04-15 • Bit of Eric Clapton style for you this Monday!
06-04-15 • Super cool and very easy T-Bone Walker lick for you here!
03-04-15 • The incredible Vincent by Don Maclean, starry starry night...

30-03-15 • Awesome Freddy King Lick for you this week!
23-03-15 • Classy Albert King Lick The Monday Blues!
20-03-15 • You requested it -- HOTEL CALIFORNIA :)
16-03-15 • Another class blues lick from Stevie Ray Vaughan (830)
13-03-15 • Classic Solo, Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix
09-03-15 • Licking the Monday Blues with a class Robben Ford lick!
06-03-15 • Clapton's all time classic Before You Accuse Me from Unplugged
02-03-15 • Still lickin the Monday blues with some a BB King classic!

27-02-15 • You got the rhythm, now learn the SOLO for Mary Had A Little Lamb!
23-02-15 • Still Lickin The Monday Blues with a Eric Clapton classic lick
20-02-15 • Awesome Stevie Ray Vaughan tune Mary Had A Little Lamb (solo coming next week!)
16-02-15 • Awesome T-Bone Walker Lick for you this Monday!
13-02-15 • Still on the Neil Young theme with Keep On Rockin In The Free World! :)
19-02-15 • Lickin the Monday blues with a class Freddie King lick! (820)
06-02-15 • More awesome Neil Young for you, Heart Of Gold!
02-02-15 • Another classic Albert King lick for you.
01-02-15 • Video of my studio rig and pedals when recording the new WCAS album.

28-01-15 • Goal #1 reached on the WCAS Kickstarter - big THANK YOU to all that supported us! :)
26-01-15 • Lick the Monday Blues with an awesome Stevie Ray Vaughan lick!
25-01-15 • I love inappropriate Uke songs like Get Lucky by Daft Punk
23-01-15 • Going to try and get more Neil Young for you this year, starting with Long May You Run!
21-01-15 • Revamped the great beginner classic Please Forgive Me by David Gray
19-01-15 • Lickin' the Monday blues with a classy Robben Ford style lick!
18-01-15 • UKE fun, this week It's A Wonderful World!
14-01-15 • Revisited the Traffic hit, Feeling Alright, great for beginners, just 2 chords!
12-01-15 • It's time to Lick The Monday Blues with a BB King (810)
11-01-15 • UKE classic for you it's When I'm 64 by The Beatles.
09-01-15 • More AC/DC to start your weekend, The Jack
08-01-15 • We Came As Strangers launch our new album kickstarter project! Your support appreciated! :)
07-01-15 • All time classic House Of The Rising Sun for you today!
05-01-15 • Lick the Monday Blues with this tasty Eric Clapton style country vibe lick
04-01-15 • UKE: My favourite Eddie Vedder uke song, Longing To Belong
01-01-15 • Masssive 30+ minute lesson on Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits!


31-12-14 • A fantastic first guitar song for Beginners, it's 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley
29-12-14 • Classic T-Bone Walker style lick for you!
28-12-14 • UKE: funniest vid ever, Justin attempting The Rainbow Connection ;)
26-12-14 • AC/DC all time rock masterpiece it's Back In Black! (800)
24-12-14 • Most popular acoustic guitar hit ever? it's Wonderwall by Oasis!
23-12-14 • Get your festive mood on cos Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
22-12-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a Freddie King classic lick
21-12-14 • UKE: sounds awesome on Uke I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
19-12-14 • More awesome AC/DC with Whole Lotta Rosie
18-12-14 • Acoustic String Test between Phosphor-Bronze, Bronze 80/20 and coated.
17-12-14 • Easy version of Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix for beginners.
16-12-14 • New We Came As Strangers Music Video art collaboration for Shattered Mater!
15-12-14 • Lick The Monday Blues with a easy but big idea Albert King Lick!
14-12-14 • UKE: Great fun... get Happy by Pharrell on ukulele
13-12-14 • Music Business 101: Getting A Record Deal (790)
12-12-14 • All time classic AC/DC song, It's A Long Way To The Top, great for beginners.
11-12-14 • Updated the How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings lesson!
10-12-14 • Classic Beatles song, Here, There And Everywhere
09-12-14 • All I Want For Christmas Is You, what you want? ;)
08-12-14 • Lick ya Monday Blues with this easy Stevie Ray Vaughan lick
07-12-14 • UKE: Ukulele Songbook series: The Beatles classic, Let It Be
06-12-14 • Music Business 101: Publishing and Income Streams
05-12-14 • AC/DC season (every Friday) starts with the incredible Riff Raff
04-12-14 • New We Came As Strangers live video for our song Shattered Matter
03-12-14 • Updated video for The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve (780)
02-12-14 • Thinking Out Loud [LEAD SOLO] by Ed Sheeran - great country style solo in a pop song.
01-12-14 • The Justinguitar Ukulele Songbook is available.
01-12-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a wicked Robben Ford lick.

30-11-14 • The Ukulele Songbook series started today with Dream A Little Dream Of Me!
29-11-14 • New Music Business mini series starts with What Is Copyright?
28-11-14 • Ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran.
26-11-14 • Very easy 3 chord beginner song, How Bizarre by OMC.
25-11-14 • Just cos it's so good - Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
24-11-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a trademark BB King Style lick.
21-11-14 • Everything I Do, I Do It For You by Bryan Adams for you!
19-11-14 • Super easy beginner version of Walk Of Life by Dire Straits
17-11-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with one of Clapton's pet licks!
14-11-14 • Rocking it today with Song 2 by Blur!
12-11-14 • Reworked the poptastic Hey Ya by Outkast this week.
10-11-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a T-Bone style lick, the famous on Chuck stole.
07-11-14 • All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks for you this Friday.
05-11-14 • Revisited the all time classic American Pie by Don McLean this week.
03-11-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a cool Freddie King style repeating lick.

31-10-14 • The most requested song ever, a 30 minute mega lesson on More Than Words by Extreme!
29-10-14 • Rework Wednesday this week is Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding
27-10-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with an Albert King style evergreen lick!
24-10-14 • One of the finest grooves ever! Green Onions by Booker T and the MGs!
22-10-14 • Rework Wednesday, the great beginner's Fingerstyle song Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.
21-10-14 • Just cos it's awesome... Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones!
20-10-14 • Massive 'lick of paint' for the web site revealed after months of work!!
20-10-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a tasty fast Stevie Ray Vaughan Lick!
17-10-14 • Jefferson Airplane's awesome Need Somebody To Love!
13-10-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with modern Robben Ford style lick!
12-10-14 • Massive overhaul of the Scales area of the web site!
10-10-14 • Beginner song with just 2 chords! I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James
06-10-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a great B.B.King lick using the 'BB Box'
03-10-14 • The JustinGuitar Top 10 Greatest Blues Guitar Albums (incl. Spotify playlist!)

29-09-14 • Lick the Monday Blues with a classic Clapton style bending lick!
26-09-14 • Acoustic Fingerstyle magic, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.
24-09-14 • Re-Work Wednesday: Times Like These by Foo Fighters
22-09-14 • Lick the Monday Blues: the mighty T-Bone Walker style this week
19-09-14 • Poptastic classic mega-hit, Fix You by Coldplay
17-09-14 • Polly by Nirvana gets a re-work this week!
15-09-14 • Lick the Monday Blues: Freddy King style this week
12-09-14 • It's all time guitar classic - Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry!!
10-09-14 • Re-Work Wednesday: Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
08-09-14 • Lick the Monday Blues... this week is an Albert King classic!
05-09-14 • Mahoosive hit this week: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.
01-09-14 • NEW SERIES: Lick the Monday Blues. Kicking off with Stevie Ray Vaughan! 27-08-14 • The new Justinguitar Interval Ear Trainer free web app is now live on the site!!
22-08-14 • Neil Diamond's mega hit Cherry Cherry a bone fide vintage classic!
15-08-14 • All I Have To Do Is Dream by The Every Brothers
08-08-14 • Great acoustic ballad this week, You Do Something To Me by Paul Weller
02-08-14 • All time Metal classic, Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden!!

25-07-14 • Thank ROCK for the awesome Creep by Radiohead
23-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: this time we're Rolling!
18-07-14 • Rock Friday for the legendary Highway To Hell by AC/DC
17-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: The incredible Finger Gym
12-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: Vibrato (Whole Arm Movement)
11-07-14 • Thank Rock It's Friday: The Who's Behind Blue Eyes
10-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: Vibrato (Hand Movement)
09-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: Minimum Movement Exercise
08-07-14 • Technique ReVamp: Finger Stretching Exercise
05-07-14 • Always wanted to learn slide? check out Slide Guitar Basics
04-07-14 • Thank Rock It's Friday returns with Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun

10-06-14 • Every Breath You Take by The Police
04-06-14 • Re-Mix project (Recording Series)
03-06-14 • Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm the Crash Test Dummies
01-06-14 • Hey Hey, My My by Neil Young, awesome!!

27-05-14 • Rockin Chewsday, Do I Wanna Know by the Arctic Monkeys.
24-05-14 • The incredible Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix - wow this is SO popular!!
20-05-14 • Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel classic Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
19-05-14 • Jazz Standard: Blue Bossa - Harmonic Analysis
18-05-14 • Jazz Standard: Blue Bossa - Melody
17-05-14 • Jazz Standard: Blue Bossa - Chords
17-05-14 • Basic Bossa Nova Rhythm lesson
15-05-14 • More Garage Band, now we're Using Loops To Create Backing Tracks!
13-05-14 • It's So Easy by Buddy Holly (including the solo) is this weeks vintage hit!
08-05-14 • First of new Recording Techniques tutorials, GarageBand Introduction
06-05-14 • More vintage awesomeness with Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers!
04-05-14 • And lastly the Harmonic Analysis of Misty for a nice Sunday headache :)
03-05-14 • Melody for the Jazz Standard Misty.
02-05-14 • Chords for the Jazz Standard Misty.

29-04-14 • The beautiful Bridge Over Troubled Water is this weeks vintage classic!
23-04-14 • Pinball Wizard by The Who is this weeks vintage hit!
20-04-14 • Jazz Walking Bass for Autumn Leaves soundalike.
16-04-14 • More supercool vintage hits, Lola by The Kinks!
12-04-14 • Jazz 'Standard Saturday' starts with the classic Autumn Leaves! (3 videos!)
07-04-14 • The classic You Got A Friend by James Taylor, awesome :)
02-04-14 • How to read a jazz chart, more prep for the Stds series
01-04-14 • More vintage classics with Oh Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison

29-03-14 • How To Learn A Jazz Standard, great prep for the coming series!
26-03-14 • Stuff I wish someone told me when I was younger, Jazz Lingo.
25-03-14 • The Band, The Weight from The Last Waltz!
19-03-14 • More Jazz, all about The Real Book!
12-03-14 • The 2 & 4 Jazz Metronome to get you swinging.
11-03-14 • Classic vintage song The First Cut Is The Deepest
05-03-14 • Jazz series continues with Basic Jazz Rhythm
04-03-14 • Easy great sounding Vintage hit Be My Baby by The Ronettes

26-02-14 • Reworking the jazz series with 10 Basic Jazz Chords, join the journey here!
25-02-14 • Vintage classic, Heard It Through The Grapevine, lots of fun this one.
24-02-14 • 5' Guitar Exercise: Quality Notes, gotta make 'em as good as you can.
21-02-14 • 5' Guitar Exercise: Fartlek Subdivisions!
18-02-14 • The beautiful ballad Unchained Melody for you this week :)
13-02-14 • Bit more Uke for you, getting into Moveable Shape 1
12-02-14 • All time Vintage Songbook classic, Angie by The Rolling Stones
11-02-14 • New promo video for the Jammin Masterclass DVD w Marty!
10-02-14 • Another super useful technique exercise, The Disappearing Metronome
04-02-14 • Starting off the NEW SERIES: 5' Guitar Exercises with awesome one Finding Melodies

23-01-14 • Keepin on the Uke, Notes On The Uke Neck
16-01-14 • More cool Uke strumming, the 2 & 4 Hit.
12-01-14 • Everyone loves The Beatles, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
07-01-14 • Ukulele Shuffle Strumming to get your groove on
05-01-14 • Ever popular tune, Your Song by Elton John!
01-01-14 • Another bunch of Uke Open Chords for you!


31-12-13 • All time classic, In My Life by The Beatles
27-12-13 • More Uke fun, Open Chords on the Ukulele
24-12-13 • Vintage classic from The King, Love Me Tender!
17-12-13 • Crooner vintage hit for the Red Sox fans, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Legend.
12-12-13 • I've started on the Uke lessons, Getting Going on the Ukulele!!
10-12-13 • More vintage Beatles brilliance, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
05-12-13 • Quick Tip: Take Care Of Your Posture!
03-12-13 • Vintage classic, Take It Easy by The Eagles

28-11-13 • Quick Tip: The Sock Neck Mute!
27-11-13 • Release of the Justin & Marty's Jammin Masterclass DVD!!
26-11-13 • Vintage Songbook: Sunny Afternoon by the Kinks! amazing Ray Davies song!
25-11-13 • Very special Xmas offer, a free D'Addario NT Micro Tuner with all orders over £50!
25-11-13 • NEW RELEASE: The Justinguitar Vintage Songbook is now available for pre-order
22-11-13 • Classic Christmas Song: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon & Yoko Ono
21-11-13 • Quick Tip: Protect Your Hearing
19-11-13 • Classic Christmas Song: Merry Christmas Baby by Elvis Presley
15-11-13 • Rock Songbook: The wonderful Alison by Elvis Costello
14-11-13 • Quick Tip: Fixing A Loose Strap Pin

24-10-13 • Quick Tip: Use Someone Else's Ears
18-10-13 • Massive hit for the Stereophonics, Handbags And Gladrags
17-10-13 • Quick Tip: Record Yourself
11-10-13 • Hair metal hit Every Rose Has It's Thorn by Poison
10-10-13 • Quick Tip: Eyebrow Finger Lube?? huh?
04-10-13 • Awesome guitar riff in All Right Now by Free!
03-10-13 • Quick Tip: Never Play Over The Singer

27-09-13 • All time classic rock - Since You've Been Gone by Rainbow
26-09-13 • Quick Tip: Learn Basic Piano Skills!
24-09-13 • Why Does It Always Rain On Me from Travis
20-09-13 • Can you hear Hells Bells? classic AC/DC!
19-09-13 • Quick Tip: Be aware of what the listener hears!
17-09-13 • Mega hit Yellow by Coldplay from the Acoustic Songbook!
16-09-13 • Last We Came As Strangers video for The Colour Of You
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar Using Reference Pitches
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar Using the "5th Fret Technique"
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar Using Harmonics
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To Drop D Tuning
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To Double Drop D Tuning
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To DADGAD Tuning
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To Open G Tuning
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To Open D Tuning
16-09-13 • Skills: Tune Your Guitar To Open E Tuning
13-09-13 • RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!! Killing In The Name - awesome!!
12-09-13 • Quick Tip: Use volume to clean up your dirt!
10-09-13 • Popular Eric Clapton ballad, Wonderful Tonight
09-09-13 • One my vocals from the last We Came As Strangers album, song called Cut Me Loose
06-09-13 • Brit Pop classic Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis!
05-09-13 • Quick Tip: Express Your Feelings ;)
03-09-13 • Super easy beginner tune, That's All Right Mama by Elvis Presley!
02-09-13 • Rocking We Came As Strangers Track, Brick By Brick

30-08-13 • Most played rock riff ever? Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple
29-08-13 • Quick Tip: Practice Breaking Strings, a pro trick!
27-08-13 • Remake of the beginner's classic, Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack
26-08-13 • More We Came As Strangers for you, Weather The Weather, my vocal and fun solo!
22-08-13 • Quick Tip: Explore Your Gear, why I don't give out settings.
20-08-13 • I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, Stage 1 Beginner's tune!
19-08-13 • Another We Came As Strangers track for you, Something To Sing!
16-08-13 • I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night by Kiss!
15-08-13 • Quick Tip: It's All About Rhythm
13-08-13 • Huge 90's hit Hand In Pocket by Allanis Morissette
12-08-13 • FourChords promo vid ft. Whiskey In The Jar
09-08-13 • Poptastic rock hit There She Goes by The La's
08-08-13 • Quick Tip: Set Your Strap For Optimum Performance
06-08-13 • Huge hit ballad Angels by Robbie Williams
02-08-13 • The grunge classic In Bloom by Nirvana
01-08-13 • Quick Tip: Always ask WHY?

30-07-13 • Chewsday Cheese Teardrops On My Guitar by Taylor Swift
26-07-13 • Classic Cream riff Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream
25-07-13 • Quick Tip: When NOT To Learn Scales...
23-07-13 • Mega pop I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
19-07-13 • The first Heavy Metal? Born To Be Wild by Steppen Wolf
18-07-13 • Quick Tip: How To Roll Up Your Cables
16-07-13 • Based on Bob's guitar it's Rise by Gabrielle
12-07-13 • Look in my eye? My Sharona by The Knack
11-07-13 • Quick Tip: ALWAYS Use Strap Locks
09-07-13 • 60's Sex Bomb's big hit These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra
05-07-13 • Long live classic rock La Grange by ZZ Top
04-07-13 • Quick Tip: Your Heartbeat Guides The Tempo
02-07-13 • Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

28-06-13 • All My Life by The Foo Fighters
27-06-13 • Secure Your Cable
25-06-13 • Realize by Colby Caillat
18-06-13 • Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow
12-06-13 • Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall
04-06-13 • True Colours by Cindi Lauper

31-05-13 • Razor Love by Neil Young
28-05-13 • Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
23-05-13 • Old Man by Neil Young
21-05-13 • What Took You So Long by Emma Bunton
11-05-13 • Buffalo Springfield Again by Neil Young

29-04-13 • Rollin In The Deep - Adele
23-04-13 • You're still the one by Shania Twain
16-04-13 • Price Tag by Jessie J
15-04-13 • Justin's band, We Came As Strangers ALBUM PREVIEW
10-04-13 • NEW RELEASE: The Justinguitar Ear Training App for iOS :)
09-04-13 • When You're Gone by Bryan Adams and Mel C
02-04-13 • The Passenger by Iggy Pop

26-03-13 • Cheesy Chewsday Choon: Sing by Travis
19-03-13 • Cheesy Chewsday Choon: Crazy by Gnarles Barkley
12-03-13 • Cheesy Chewsday Choon: I Gotta Feelin by The Black Eyed Peas.
04-03-13 • First Pop Songbook track, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
01-03-13 • Release of the new Pop Songbook :) shipping by end of March.

22-02-13 • Funk it up with Suck My Kiss by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
20-02-13 • My new app is out for iOS, The JustinGuitar Note Trainer 
06-02-13 • Another classic Elliott Smith, Say Yes!

30-01-13 • George Harrison's fabulous My Sweet Lord
23-01-13 • The Man In Black by the legend Johnny Cash great acoustic song
16-01-13 • About time we had Elliott Smith's Between The Bars
09-01-13 • Acoustic classic, Norwegian Wood by The Beatles
08-01-13 • Last of the Effective Practice series, Practice Without Your Instrument!
02-01-13 • First new song this year is Bird On The Wire by Leonard Cohen
01-01-13 • First of the new year is Effective Practice 8


26-12-12 • The Cave by Mumford & Sons is this weeks Acoustic Song!
25-12-12 • More practice help with Effective Practice 7
17-12-12 • New Acoustic tune is Don't Panic by Coldplay
16-12-12 • More practice help with Effective Practice 6
12-12-12 • Rotterdam by the Beautiful South from the Acoustic Songbook
11-12-12 • More practice help with PC-105 • Practice Makes Permanent
05-12-12 • I see a Blackbird in your future :) 
04-12-12 • Effective Practice Part 4: Use A Timer
30-11-12 • Neil Young classic Harvest Moon, what a great tune!
28-11-12 • More Acoustic Songbook... Lego House by Ed Sheeran
27-11-12 • Effective Practice Part 3: Keep A Schedule
23-11-12 • I Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis, a Beginner's Tune!
21-11-12 • Where Did You Sleep Last Night by Nirvana from The Acoustic Songbook!
20-11-12 • Effective Practice 2 • Decide What To Practice
19-11-12 • One of my all time faves, The Heart Of Saturday Night by Tom Waits
18-11-12 • Top 10 "Road Rat" Tips with Pete Cook. 
17-11-12 • Classic magic, Father and Son by Cat Stevens
14-11-12 • Acoustic Songbook, Tom Wait's Hold On
13-11-12 • Effective Practice 1 • Set Goals (new lesson in this series every Tuesday!)
12-11-12 • Interview and little jam with Gordon Giltrap :)
11-11-12 • Awesome 12 string song, Extreme's Hole Hearted
10-11-12 • 12 String Guitar: Tuning, Tips and Tricks, and demo of my new Maton.
10-11-12 • The A Team by Ed Sheeran, what a great song!
09-11-12 • Top surfer dude Donovan Frankenreiter's catchy choon, It Don't Matter.
08-11-12 • The Monkee's HUGE hit I'm a Believer
06-11-12 • Death Cab For Cutie's magnificent dark ballad, I Will Follow You Into The Dark.
04-11-12 • Rocky Raccoon came into the room...
02-11-12 • Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key by Billy Bragg & Wilco from new songbook :)


I didn't keep the records of dates and stuff before this, wish I had now, be interesting to see. Oh well.