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So you would like to get in touch?

There are many ways to get in touch - some better than others... there is not really a 'team', a lot of people think there must be a big office with loads of people on it... but there is not. Jedi deals with all the product orders, posting and customer service, and the moderators (Lieven, Tourny and Close) help out in the forum, and I have an assistant a couple of days a week to help with web site and some bookings, but I have to do all the rest, making and writing web site pages, youtube video editing, email, promotions, accounting, blah blah, and all that. I am trying to practice and better myself too and write and record songs... so I am a busy guy.

I have now several thousand unreplied emails which I feel terrible about, but it would be a full time job if I replied to everyone, so please accept my heartfelt apology if I've not replied to your email. I do get around to them, but the forum, facebook or twitter are much more likely to get a response! See details below.

Customer Services / Order Problems

For any kind of product support, returns, errors, delivery, questions on any of that kind of stuff, please see the Customer Services Page! Or use the contact form below. I don't have much to do with the ordering stuff, so I really can't help and just forward the email to Jedi anyhow!

The Forum

Best place to get questions answered is the forum. Other people might know the answer to your question and there are places to just say hi and thanks or whatever, and I go there often and check out what is going on. The moderators are well cool too and can help with many issues.

If you want to pop by and just say hi and thanks we have set up a thread just for that! THANK YOU THREAD

If you've got a problem to do with the forum, there is contact info for the moderators on the Customer Service Page or just ask in the forum, there are lots of helpful people about!


I'm most active these days on facebook, and it's the first stop when I announce new lessons. I often run polls about what things to prioritize and things like that - as well as assorted ramblings about what I'm up to personally, running, my idiot cats and stuff like that... facebook page

I no longer have a public friend thing, that is only for my "flesh friends", people I really know... so don't be upset if I don't friend you on that, it makes it impossible to stay in touch with friends and family if you're also freinds with 5000 people you don't really know ;)


I check twitter most days, so it's very likely I'll see it if you make your tweet @justinsandercoe :) I like twitter because it's short easy messages.

Post (snail mail)

I actually quite like getting letters, but please enclose a stamped self addressed envelope if you want a reply!

JustinGuitar Mail
PO Box 695

Email me

Hope the notes below don't make me sound like a snob or like I don't want to speak to you all - I would love to give everyone a private lesson and chat for hours about amps and picks and what finger Clapton uses to... but I just don't have time. Sorry. So please read the notes below before you email me... thanks. :)

Be really great if you check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page before you write in as I won't reply to emails that have questions answered in here!

Problems with an order? Please contact Jedi in Customer Services but of course if the problem persists or is not sorted you can email me, but Jedi is cool and we have had no problems yet!

Please DO email me if you are:

- you want to say hi! :)
- a journalist needing information, pictures or interview (please select JOURNALIST)
- an industry person wishing to do business (please select INDUSTRY)
- if you run a web site and are requesting a link to you site (please select LINK) 
- you have a web site correction (please put CORRECTION in the subject)

Please DO NOT email me:

- questions about lessons on the site or on YouTube. I have set up a forum community for that, ask me there please. please. please. please. pretty please.
- with song or lesson requests - I have set up a forum community for that too!
- mp3 or video - I won't watch it. But by all means send me a link to your souncloud or YouTube and I will watch it there when I get time :) but again, thats better in the forum community where get feedback from other students too!
- to ask what guitar you should buy - I don't know (only you can decide that!).
- to ask me to send you tabs, I can't. sorry.



Take care y'all.



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