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The Basics on the Basics of Playing Guitar

What you have to know and what you don't...

This area is to explain all the basic stuff about playing guitar. Some of it is pretty easy stuff aimed at beginners but there is some more advanced ideas and concepts too.

How To...

Essential skills for all guitarists. All guitar players should know this stuff, it's all basics.

TB-001 • How To Tune Your Guitar
Use mp3 files as reference notes to tune your guitar.

TB-002 • How To Tune Your Guitar (Advanced) 
Uses harmonics and fancy tricks to tune your guitar.

TB-003 • How To Change Strings On An Electric Guitar
Changing strings is not as hard as you might think. Learn how to here!

TB-004 • How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Guitar
Changing strings is not as hard as you might think. Learn how to here!

TB-005 • How To Remember String Names
Everyone needs to know the note names of open strings.

TB-006 • How to Use The Note Circle
This shows you how to work out your tones and semitones, and what they are.

TB-007 • How To Find The Notes On The Neck
A diagram and exercise to learn the note positions on the guitar neck. Essential skill.

TB-008 • How To Use Octaves
Use octaves to find the notes on the neck. Simple idea, big advantage.

TB-009 • How To Use A Metronome
Basic advice on using and buying a metronome.

TB-010 • How To Read Rhythms
An excellent tutorial from drum master Justin Scott on how to get started reading rhythms. His cool web site is coming soon!

TB-011 • How To Read TAB
Everyone needs to know how to read TAB. All the details are here!

TB-019 • How To Get A Pick Out An Acoustic Guitar
Ever lost your pick inside the acoustic guitar sound hole? Then this one is for you. lol...

Altered Tunings and Stuff like that

I'm a big fan of Open Tunings, so this is one area that I really want to develop more... it's not really a Basic Skill though... more like something to explore when you been playing a few years... so I might have to find a better home for these here lessons!

TB-500 • Altered Tunings
In this lesson I go through many of the common altered tunings and tell you a bit about each one, if they have a "trick" and some common songs that use each tuning.

TB-505 • Nashville Tuning
This is a great way of tuning your guitar to make it sound like a 12 string when you are recording. Does require changing strings and stiff though... so quite a high hassle factor! But way cool...

Lesson ID: TB-000