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Parisienne Walkways (Gary Moore) Song Lessons

I was very sad to hear that the blues rock guitar legend Gary Moore passed away a few days ago. I've been a fan of his since my early teens and he was a hugely influential guitar player on the whole rock thing, especially his work with Thin Lizzy.

In this two part lesson I got through all the aspects of the tune - the first video covers the chords and picking and arrangement and the second video takes you through all the solos.

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For this video I used my 1979 Les Paul Gold Top and used my Two Rock amp and some pedals.

The clean sound used in Part 1 is the Gold Top using both pickups (centre position) through a Lehle Sunday Driver line booster into the Two Rock. In the effects loop of the Two Rock there is a AnalogMan Chorus pedal with a Depth quite high and Speed quite slow. It's then into an MXR Carbon Copy, very low mix, delay set about 10' and regen about 11'. The chorus effect is heard heavily on the recording, but the delay I used just to thicken the sound a bit.

The lead sound uses the same rig as above, but with the chorus off and a Zen Drive pedal on (approx settings: Vol 11', Tone 12', Voice 11', Gain at 2) and using the bridge pickup..

Amp approx settings for both Treble 1', Middle 11', Bass 2', Gain 4', Master 1' (lead channel not used) Reverb 2' Contour 2'. That should give you some idea but it's a complex amp and there are all sorts of switches and other settings, the best thing is to play around with your amp and find the right sound for it.

Gary Moore's sound is a Les Paul into a Marshall Amp. So with that gear you should be able to get a pretty close sound. Some info on his amps can be found here.

Lesson ID: ST-327