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She Talks To Angels (The Black Crows) Song Lessons

I have loved this song for years. I was really diggin the Stones when I was first introduced to The Black Crows. The timing can be a little tricky but not too hard if you take it slow. Love this tune. The Black Crowes capture real rock 'n' Roll, and this is a rock ballad at it's best.

Open E Tuning
Open E Tuning: E B E G# B E to you tune the A and D strings up a tone, and the G string up a semitone.

An alternative if you are worried about tuning your strings up like that is to drop it to Open D and then use a capo at the second fret.

Open D Tuning: D A D F# A D (then add capo on fret 2 and you get your Open E).

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Lesson ID: ST-320