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Legato Patterns (Pentatonic) on Scales

Hammerin' and flickin' off some speedy licks!

This lesson shows you some Legato Sequences using hammer-ons and flick-offs that will help you make fast flowing lines with your pentatonics.


Lesson Video


PDF Files

This first file shows you the first licks that I play at the start and the picking. SC-025-1-LegatoLicks.pdf

The second shows you all 6 patterns I show you in the lessons. SC-025-2-LegaoPatterns.pdf


Text Lesson

The trick here is to practice the patterns LOTS before you try and move it around.

My recommendation:

1. Learn a Legato Sequence.
2. Practice it until it feel real natural, easy and it's at a reasonable tempo (for you).
3. Try moving it up and down in Pentatonic Pattern 1 (CAGED: E Shape) cos it's easiest!
4. Try moving it up the thinnest strings from Pattern 1 to Pattern 5 (like first lick shown in at start of vid).
5. Then try playing across strings in Pattern 2, then Pattern 3 etc.
6. Then explore moving between different Patterns and string groups. Experiment.

Don't forget to have fun, and make of note of things that sound real good.

Remember that you can also mix up the Legato Sequence and go from one to the other. Some people like to play 16 note groups (extending the patterns, or combining two), there are infinite possibillties here. Explore them.



Lesson ID: SC-305