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G.A.S = Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

Lots of people are writing in and asking on social media for me to do more gear reviews, so I've decided to start doing a few more as I find interesting things that I like and that I think might be of interest.

RV-001 • Hoolahan Slide
Phil makes real cool slides that you can wear and play guitar (almost) normally and with a slight change of hand position and rip into some slide. Very cool idea, well executed!

RV-002 • Blake Apex Case / Gig Bag Backpack

RV-003 • Line 6 G10 Wireless System


Few Reviews

GG-600 • Recording set up for reviews.

GG-602 • Fender Mutang I amplifier review

<< been delays with getting a hold of many other amps, and busy with so much, this has gone on hold>>

Pedal Board Set Up

This series I'm going to go through the steps of setting up and building my new pedal boards!!

GG-123 • Setting up PedalTrain and Pedal Power Pro II
This first video we fix in the Pedal Power Pro into the PedalTrain and add the velcro ready to put some pedals on.

GG-124 • Wiring My Effects Loop Pedal Board
This is my smaller effects loop board but was ready so figured I'd film as I wire it up!

Justin's Equipment

That sounds VERY suspect ;) but it is not that... these are vids and lessons about the guitars and amps that I use. I promise that you won't see anything untoward ;)

GG-001 • Justin's Guitars
I've updated this page as of Oct 2011 with a list of the guitars I'm using regularly. The old "Justin's guitars" videos were out of date and not good quality either! Maybe I'll get onto doing vids for each guitar, but for now, here they are in a list...

GG-002 • Justin's Amps
An amp list like above! A list of my stuff...

GG-101 • Justin's Mini Maton Acoustic Guitar
In this vid I show you my Mini Maton guitar and play a little bit of a new tune (working title "Roof Tops On Sunny Days" finished title was "Nashville" but it never made it to an album yet!).

GG-102 • Justin's Maton Messiah Acoustic Guitar
In this vid I show you my Maton Messiah, a lovely acoustic. This thing just records like a dream. Plus a play a few bits of other tunes that I have written.

GG-103 • Justin's Maton "Jessie" Acoustic Guitar
This is my little baby and the one guitar I think can't be replaced. It's kinda part of me now... In this I introduce her and play one of my songs called "From Katie's Window".

GG-009 • Justin's Amp Rig 2007
A look at the guitar rack set up that I used touring with Katie Melua in 2007. These days I use old fashioned pedal board and old vintage effects! But this was great for what I needed at the time...

Equipment Lessons

GG-010 • Getting Great Guitar Tone
Re-wrote this whole thing in Oct 2011 with lots more info on all the knobs you are going too see on amps and effects pedals and some notes about my fav pedals and stuff!!

GG-011 • Speaker Cabinets and Ohms Ω
Very common question this one... one that I have asked for the last time I hope.

GG-012 • Wobbly Whammy Bar Fix
A simple solution to a real pain in the butt problem!

GG-013 • Acoustic String Shoot-out

Guitar Effects Pedals

This are obviously is far from complete, but I have started off with two of the most common pedal types, distortion and wah. I'll be developing this area over the coming years to include more pedal types and also some of the cool vintage pedals that I have collected over the years.

GG-050 • Effect Pedal Order
A look at the order you should patch together all your effects pedals.


GG-200 • About Distortion Pedals
Wanna rock? Then you need one of these!! This is some basic info about them...

GG-201 • REVIEW - Mesa V-Twin Pedal
One of the coolest and best sounding pedals of all time, reviewed for you. All features explained.

GG-202 • REVIEW - Boss Blues Driver Pedal (and Keeley Mod)
A review of a classic pedal and the custom modified version by the effects wizard Robert Keeley.

GG-203 • REVIEW - T-Rex Mudhoney Pedal
Great new boutique pedal with some great sounds.

GG-204 • REVIEW - Marshall Shredmaster Pedal
A fab pedal for all out metal sounds. This thing rocks big time.

GG-205 • REVIEW - TC Electronic VPD1 Pedal
A really cool pedal with tons of pro features and an awesome boost function.

Wah Wah Pedals

GG-300 • Wah Wah Roundup...
A summary of all the wah pedals that I like and or have reviewed.

GG-301 • REVIEW - RMC3 Wah Wah (The Real McCoy)
One of the most prestigious and sought after modern wah pedals

GG-302 • REVIEW - Budda Bud-Wah Pedal
Possibly my favourite wah pedal, so creamy. I need one...

GG-303 • REVIEW - Keeley modified Vox Wah Pedal
Robert Keeley takes great pedals and makes them even better.

GG-304 • REVIEW - Ernie Ball Wah Pedal
Well made, with a great switcher, but not my fave.

GG-399 • REVIEW - G-Lab True Bypass Wah Pad
This is a great invention. On my pedalboard right away. Check it out now...


GG-251 • REVIEW - G-Lab Dual Reverb Pedal
I looked for ages trying to find a simple small reverb for my pedalboard. And this was the best one I found... until I discovered the Blue Sky by Strymon which is by far the best reverb I have heard and I've called off the search, I doubt there will ever be better!! Review soon :)


GG-261 • REVIEW - Sanyo Pedal Juice 
This is one of those things I never thought of, but now I use it all the time, great idea! 


GG-501 • REVIEW - GRB Kokocaster
Gordon from GRB donated this guitar for me because he liked the web site. He was not a pushy guy and seemed really cool so I have done a review of his guitar, even though it is not one that I play very much. It is a very cool mid priced instrument!

Lesson ID: GG-000