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The lessons on Rhythm Guitar

Gotta get your groove on if you wanna play music!

Rhythm guitar is a REALLY important part of learning the guitar. This section of the site is going to cover various styles and techniques to play about with. If you're even slightly uncertain about why rhythm is so important please see my Quick Tip, It's ALL about rhythm, it really is the most important area of practice!

Rhythm Guitar Basics

Many of the very basic (and most important) elements of rhythm guitar are covered in the Beginners Course. Following all the examples in the course should give you a solid understanding of the technique of strumming and how to develop the correct movements. You can explore the ideas yourself and develop your rhythm skills, or you might like to check out my DVDs, Strumming Techniques, which covers some of the same patterns as the Beginners Course, but develops each idea more and gives you plenty of examples to play along with me and and Strumming Techniques II which develops 16th note strumming patterns, some of which are covered in the Intermediate Foundation. Other specific rhythm based stuff can be found below!

Jimi Hendrix Style Rhythm Playing

Jimi Hendrix was a fantastic rhythm guitar player. He blends rhythms with intricate lead fills into his own style which has been copied by many great players. These lessons will show you two starting points for you to either develop your own ideas from, or give you a head start if you are transcribing Hendrix songs. You will need to know you E and A shape barre chords before looking at this!

RH-010 • Hendrix Style Rhythm Guitar 1
No notes yet but you can see the video here.

RH-011 • Hendrix Style Rhythm Guitar 2
No notes yet, but check out the video and you should get it.

Funk Guitar Style

RH-021 • Basic Funk Chords
This lesson will teach you some basic funk chord grips that you will use for the following lessons. Check this out first so that you know what I am talking about for the future lessons.

RH-022 • Basic Funk Strumming
This lesson shows you basics of the funk 16th note strumming, lifting the chords to get those stylistic muted clicks and stresses the importance of keeping your hand moving!

RH-023 • Funk Grooves
This lesson puts the above lessons together a bit - shows you some ways of using the chords and rhythms together to get a groove.

RH-024 • More Funk Chords
This lesson takes you through some more advanced chords that you can use to get more melody into your funk grooves. Also used for making chord scales.

RH-025 • More Funk Chords
In this last part for this series we look at sliding the chord shapes to get an authentic funk vibe, and how to avoid making the clicking sound when you don't want it - they are applied right away by learning 4 grooves. You should be making some wicked funk sounds! :)






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