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Romeo And Juliet - Dire Straits

The lessons on Guitar Riffs

In my book, this has to be one of the most beautiful guitar riffs ever. Wish I had a Dobro to teach it on, but it's sounds lovely on acoustic too.

I don't think I emphasized it enough in the video really, but to master this one, takes SLOW practice. The fingerpicking patterns are a little odd, so they need to done slowly and correctly to make them feel natural under your fingers.

Tuning - Open G, Capo 3rd fret.
Hints: Tune roughly to open G tuning (D G D G B D) first, then put the capo on and re-tune. Always tune up to a note, never down, especially with a capo. Once you have it roughly in you'll probably need to tweak it a bit, I just play the open Bb chord and try to listen out for any notes that need to be moved... but it shouldn't need much, just very small movements. With the capo on the tuning is: F Bb F Bb D F

I'd love to see some video responses of you guys playing this song! If you make it a video response to this song I will do my best to go check it out and give you feedback!


Lesson ID: RF-018