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Solo Blues 1

This is a collection of 14 tracks you can play along with to master your Power Chord playing... well by master I mean get the basics under your fingers and learn to use them! 

It starts at the very beginning and I used it many times for complete beginner teenagers who would not learn regular songs because they were too into metal, would not learn chords, but wanted to rock...

Each track is between 40-60 second long, included are mp3 tracks of the full band, and then the minus the power chord guitar part.

It really is a whole lot of fun for only £5.00 :)

Great for absolute beginners and those pre-Intermediate players that want to get the Power Chords working with play along tracks. Lot more fun than playing them on your own that's for sure!

There is no instruction so you will need to use the Beginners Course for the lessons on playing Power Chords and doing Palm mutes and all that. This set of tracks is about putting them into practice!


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Digital Download of pdf file (eBook and mp3 files)

Master Rock Power Chords is available to buy via digital download from Payloadz. It costs £5 and you can buy in any currency, paypal will make the currency conversion for you (currency conversion). The pack includes an A4 sized pdf eBook which contains guidelines on how to use the tracks (same as what is written below!) 14 pages of pdf TABs for all the rhythm parts. Also included are 14 mp3 files. Prints great on US letter sized paper too (just make sure you have "fit to page" selected when you go to print it!).

Clicking the link below will take you to paypal where you will pay for it, and then there will be a link to download the ebook from Downloadz. Of course, after downloading, you can print it as many times as you like. They will also send you a link to the file by email. It's really simple to do, safe and instant.

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I uploaded all the "full band" tracks to my Soundcloud so you can listen to them there - but you have to buy the ones without the Power Chord Guitar parts and pdf...

Justinguitar's Soundcloud

Previous Release

Please note this was originally released by Charanga Ltd in 2003 as a digital download package and was included on some of their DVD ROM packages. Their licence has expired so now I'm selling it myself!

Track List

TRACK 1/2 “We Rock”

Very easy rock tune using only A, D and E open Power Chords with only one strum per bar. Emphasis on correct finger placement (near the fret) and that only the two correct strings are plucked. 

TRACK 3/4 “In The Bar”

Still very easy, introduces 2 strums per bar (minims), so two beats on each chord sometimes. Make sure that the only strings ringing out are the ones you want - and use the edge of your first finger to mute the rest!

TRACKS 5/6 “County Rocks”

Introduces Quarter notes - playing on each beat. Easy repetitive chord progression so you can focus on the rhythm playing as this is the first time the rhythm is not the same every bar. 

TRACKS 7/8 “Space Eights”

Now we're using 8th notes. Easy chord sequence again so that the rhythm can be the focus while also developing chord changing skills too. The rhythms are the same as discussed in the Beginners Course so you should be fine - if you are not getting it them check out BC-136 and BC-146 on the web site - and make sure you are counting along - that is the trick if you are struggling. And or listen more! :)

TRACKS 9/10 “Watchtower”

Now we're looking at “closed” (means no open strings) Power Chords with 6th string root. Emphasis is on learning the names of these chords and their root notes, finger placement and the muting of strings 1-4 with the side of first finger.

TRACKS 11/12 “Told You No”

Develops 8th note use ‘cos now you have big jumps to make and need to learn to keep the rhythm steady even when the hand is in transit, trying to keep the hand touching the strings so as to get a muted effect if the chord is not quite made in time.

In the B section the rhythm part stays consistent even though the bass goes down and the melody goes up. Requires concentration. Has dead stop at end, so you should bring your strumming down to rest on all the strings at that point so the notes all stop dead on.

TRACKS 13/14 “Chuggin'”

Now we introduce the Palm Mute (PM). You need to experiment with how much pressure you apply with your palm mute and how far onto the strings you place the edge of your hand. There is not really a right or wrong - they are just different sounds and in an ideal world you would be able to do any or all!

TRACKS 15/16 “Metal Maiden”

Now we have a Stop Mute (SM) which is when you bring the outside of your picking hands palm down on the strings about 5cm or more from the bridge to create a dead stop - silence - just like you should have done at the end of “Told You No”. The challenge now is that you are going to have to get it off in a hurry now too and get playing the next chord. A very good exercise.

Still 6th string root only, but also developing your Palm Mute with a very common rock technique - using the 2 notes muted followed by open accented (full louder) chord.

TRACKS 17/18 “Hi Five“

Now we introduce the 5th string root Power Chord grip and it's real important that you get that 6th string muted with the tip of your finger! That is the most important thing by far. There is no palm muting or anything - just really concentrate on keeping that 6th string quiet!

TRACKS 19/20 “Toms Thumb”

Now we bring in the Palm Mute and Stop Mute with the 5th string root chords. Easy peasy.

TRACKS 21/22 “Drive”

Develops 5th and 6th string use and uses stop mutes to help transfer between strings. This is a great one for crossing from 5th to 6th string which is the technique most people find the hardest with Power Chords!

TRACKS 23/24 “Going Down”

Introduces chromatic root note movement. You should know your note circle by now, and your sharps and flats - if you don't go check them out again in BC-152. Playing chromatic root movement Power Chords is not hard - but make sure you make the movements confidently and make sure your fingers stay close to the frets or you'll get buzzy notes!

TRACKS 25/26 “Rough Morning”

Develops chromatic chord use, you should be learning all the chord names and the names of all of the root notes in the first seven frets at least. This is a really important skill for all guitar players and will be used for as long as you play guitar.

All scales and barre chords and arpeggios and all the rest all rely on you knowing the notes on the fingerboard and you must start by really knowing the thickest two strings!!

TRACKS 27/28 “Mr. Skunk”

Main performance piece using all techniques covered in this series. There are no other guitar part accompaniment so you are exposed and is a great test to make sure you have got all the techniques down - that you are muting the unwanted strings well - getting the chords clean with no buzzes and playing in time well!


All content written and owned by Justin Sandercoe ©2003. All instruments played and programmed by Justin. Real guitar, real bass, keyboard sounds from Logic Audio.

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