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Acoustic String Shoot-out on Guitar Gear

Ever wondered what the different materials of acoustic strings sound like?? I did, so I did this!

In this lesson I recorded fresh sets of three different acoustic guitar strings to compare the tonal qualities of each. The strings were all by D'Addario and were:

1. Coated Phosphor Bronze (EXP)
2. Bronze 80/20
3. Phosphor Bronze

Recording chain

The guitar I used was my Maton Messiah, recorded with two mics (panned left and right for the demo) a Neumann KM54 and a Neumann KM86. They went through Neve 1073 pre-amps and through a UA Apollo interface and into Pro Tools at 24/96. I used no EQ or effects, just Ozone on the master bus to bring the levels up, it didn't do much to the sound.


I strongly recommend getting youself a "Pro Winder" which has string cutters, a string winder and a pin puller all in one. Funnily enough we sell them in the justinguitar store! :) along with strings and more!

Video Lesson


High resolution audio file

Here's a high resolution (24 bit, 96k) for you to compare them - downloadable too!




Lesson ID: GG-013