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Dominant 7th Open Chords

The lessons on Chords

No harder than regular chords, the 7th adds a little flavour!

These chords are essential for blues and folk. They have a very distinct sound and often lead strongly to another chord. Mostly pretty easy to play, many are just the same as their major 'parent' shapes but with a finger lifted off!


E7 Chord

E7- Open Chord Voicing

Just the same as a regular E chord but take off your 3rd finger. Easy.

Can also be done by leaving your E chord as normal but adding your little finger on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string.

A7 Chord

A7 - Open Chord Voicing

Pretty straight forward chord this - only needs two fingers! Use whatever fingers you want - it doesn't really matter - depends on what chord you are coming from and going to. Use the fingering shown her to learn it, then change it later if you need to.

D7 Chord

D7 - Open Chord Voicing

I kinda think of this as looking like a backwards D - see what I mean? Pretty easy one to play. Remember not to hit the sixth and fifth strings.

C7 Chord

C7 - Open Chord Voicing

Start with a regular C chord and add your little finger. Don't forget to mute the 6th string with the tip of your 3rd finger. Just kinda let it lay over a bit.

G7 Chord

G7 - Open Chord Voicing

A bit of a finger stretcher, but not too bad. Start with your first finger and then stretch the other two fingers across. Keep it easy by remembering to keep your fingers round and use the tips of your fingers not the flats.

B7 Chord

B7 - Open Chord Voicing

Not a hard one to play but certainly a little different. Might take you a few goes to get to this chord but it is not a hard one in the end. Check that the tip of your 2nd finger is muting the sixth string and that the second string is ringing out clearly and is not touched by the 3rd or 4th fingers.

Lesson ID: CH-002